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Gameconfig is CAUSING the out of memory error??

  • So I have wiped and re installed everything on my GTA, and kept getting the memory error even with my gameconfig. Because of this I started to investigate and boot GTA after every file I added. Starting with a vanilla GTA it would boot up and run all the way up until I changed the gameconfig in prep to install addons. As soon as I would change/install the config, I would try to load up GTA and it would give me the memory error, even though I had no add ons installed. The config I am using is up to date, and its being installed correctly. Why is the config CAUSING the problem that it is supposed to be fixing??

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    @nickyzack99 Same, i solved this by using original gameconfig

  • @nickyzack99 i can install many mods with original gameconfig file the limit seems to be much higher and allows many mods now. so why would you need a new gameconfig?

  • Use Game heap adjuster. You can look it up in here and download it. It'll get rid of that pesky error.

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