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Props inside the interior!

  • Hi everyone!
    does anyone know how to add props to the police station?
    I tried standard methods, but props becomes invisible
    (I put a bench for tests-look on screenshot)
    alt text

  • @Michuuo0o You can't use Menyoo or Map Editor to just put props inside a mlo interior. Have to use 3ds, Gims evo. Have to make it like R* did. Check out the Mlo interior tutorials by Dekurwinator and also other tutorials by Skylumz, he also has some good tools on the site to help.

  • @Michuuo0o To expand my explanation a little more, you basically need to add the CEntityDef info for the entity you want to place into the ytyp of the interior. Like what it is, where you want it and how it is rotated. All the coords and rotation info will be based off the center of the mlo, not the game world. You then add the name of ytyp you are taking the entity from and put that name into the manifest so the game knows where to look for it, then you add another number to the manifest attached objects.

  • @chonkie I would like to make additional prison cells at the bottom of the police station.All I need to do is add them in 3ds max?

  • @chonkie or maybe it will simply copy the model of the beds, the toilet, change the name, and add the cords to the ytyp files where they should lie. Do you think it will work?

  • @Michuuo0o Now you're talking about something different than just adding an entity. Go watch the tutorials by Dekurwinator about mlo interiors and read his info in this link.


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