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Lucifer Mod??

  • there is a new show on Netflix called lucifer and its about lucifer coming from the underworld up to los angeles in this show he has angel wings and his "devil face" I think this would be a really great mod

  • @Additionman it was my fav show uptil season 3 they moved to netflix instead of tv. its really good.

  • @FoxtrotDelta i know I loved it, does anyone know how to make mods that could make a very good lucifer mod

  • @Additionman People like me over here we don't make models from scratch that's a whole different ball game, we rig readily available 3d models into gta 5. if you can find that British actor's (Tom Ellis) 3d model of the face then its easy as pie , however there are a few people who have the talent to make 3d models of peds and vechiles but they tend to be very busy and short on time. i for one don't know anyone who makes ped faces or ped characters from scratch. i share ur addiction to Lucifer character though.

    alt text

  • there is a 3d model at daz3d hmm but it doesn't look very accurate

  • yes, do you know anyone who would know how to make retractable angel wings just like the show

  • @Additionman why not use em from some other model... Its easy take ut off from devil jin tekken

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