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addon cars

  • I’m trying to install gta 5 mods addon cars. And I followed the instructions very carful so I made sure I was doing it right. But I did all that stuff and I go in game and type the name in and it’s not there. ive been doing this all day i got the rest of my mods to work and im really happy about that becuse im not that good at pc stuff.

  • @pantherkid1313


    Also, how many cars did you try adding on? Did you add them all at once and then try them out in the game? Or did you add one and then test it out, and then add another and test it out, etc? How are you trying to spawn them in the game?

    Maybe you have typos in dlclist.

  • @chonkie
    i only tried one car and im spawning it by a trainer

  • @pantherkid1313 FYI, the more info you provide, the easier this is. Figured the link I provided in the first response would have taught you that. So which specific car? (provide a link) Which trainer? Check that the line you added to the dlclist.xml is correct. No typos, no missing / or < or >. Sometimes you don't need to type in the name of the vehicle, some trainers have a Addon section in the vehicle spawner menu or something similar and it should just show up in a list. I use simple trainer by sjaak327 and have not had to type in the name of an addon vehicle yet.

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