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[SCRIPT] uber service via phone contact

  • would have been so cool if someone could make a app or a contact inside the ingame phone so we can order a uber via the phone as in real, im not sure if its even possible yet, but would have been cool, so we dont have to have those menu`s and stuff

  • i know about that mod..., but as i requested here is a phone contact or an app, ive also already asked him about adding it ;) he havent answered tho, may heve been a bug that did so the comment didnt appear, its been a week since i tagged him and asked, but yea im gonna ask him again, and hopefully get a answer

  • Alright guys, first things first. First of all, would like to thank you both, as Its really nice to see, a thread, requesting for something on my mod. Though it's my first mod, but really feels nice. People like you keep me motivated to try the new stuff in to the mod. So thank you. :D
    Now, let's get to topic.
    @gamevidsnorwegian Buddy, sorry if I really missed any notifications, but I never got any, about the post you tagged me in, otherwise, I would've replied. :) the schedule is busy as hell.
    Nevertheless, I think, I have already answered this query on the mods page, but here its an answer. I was already working and trying to find the way around, and just today it happens to be the same time, when one of my GTAVMods community friend had offered me a Iphonefruit wrapper library, so I think it can be done. I am yet to explore the possibility of an app that you are talking about, since its not just only the app that needs an entire re-structuring, but rather it's content too.
    So all in all, I am unsure about the App re-building, but I think, we will be able to add the "driver re-call option" in mobile contacts. I will try and explore it much and will soon do it.
    Meanwhile, I am introducing an escort feature in the next release, where now player will have choice to spawn 2 cars. The 1 gonna lead and the 2nd gonna follow. I was/am working on this new feature, where I literally had to do almost re-coding but I think I am almost there.
    Stay Tuned. :)

    @yeahhmonkey Thanks for pointing me here, else, would've never got any notifications.

    P.S. In the future communication, please put @ sign and then type my name, so that I could get the notification. :) Cheers guys.

  • @gamevidsnorwegian @yeahhmonkey Just a quick update, I managed to toggle around with the code and edited/re-wrote few functions as in where its needed, and I finally managed to spawn the driver by calling the Uber ride service via cellphone. Though, it's still WIP but I think, It will be good to go by next release in couple of days.
    Oh yeah, and one more thing, to add it even more realism Now the both vehicles(escort and primary) and drivers don't spawn in-front of player, rather now they spawn far a bit, where you don't and can't see them on screen. So you now have to wait until they arrive. :D
    Thought to keep you posted. :)

    P.S.I already made this thread when the first version was up, if any further requests, please ping there. To avoid duplication.


  • @ashishcw thanks bro, really appreciate the work u put in to this mod, i cant wait until u manage to update it with a phone contact or such, (btw, i just signed in now after i commented on ur mod, and yea, u did answer me the second time, i guess the page just have been buggy so u havent gotten any notification or that when i pressed "submit" it didnt really submit it, if that makes sense)

  • @gamevidsnorwegian No problem buddy, don't mention it. Infact that's what get us on the same platform, we all want to mod. :D
    So, another quick update, I also managed to add bodyguards, so they will cruise along with you. They will fight with you and they will die with you(Unless, you are on god mode, then they DIE ALONE.). :D I am still yet to assign them the weapons and stash, but that's not a big task anyways.

    So all in all, managed to apply the different mechanism where now, every car will follow each others given sequence. They will all fall in the same line and pattern. So if the first car goes on terrain all others will find themselves the same go.

    P.S. I am also, thinking to add Car GOD mode for all 3 cars, since, I don't like my car getting dirty at all. Let me know what do you think.

    P.P.S Please reply on the below given thread link, that way it's easy for me to keep everything centralized.

  • @ashishcw bro, if I recall correctly, there is a native function to clean your vehicle. Should be able to keep your car clean without using godmode!

  • @stillhere @stillhere yeah dude, last night I was just trying hard to recall it but I couldn't so thought to make it a god mode, but anyways, I figured it out and that too without god mode on.

    if (e.KeyCode == RepairAllVehicles)
    { if (carspawned == true)
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_FIXED, (vehicle));
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_FIXED, (bodyguardcar));
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_FIXED, (escortvehicle));
    UI.ShowSubtitle("No car to Repair");

    So this one is sorted out, but Now I am stuck at bodyguard point, do you happen to know any function, where peds will follow the player? And combat from his side, if needed?

  • @stillhere Nvm, Figured out a way. :)

    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER, bodyguard1.Handle, player_group);
    bodyguard1.RelationshipGroup = PlayerPed.RelationshipGroup;
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_GROUP_LEADER, PlayerPed, player_group);

  • @ashishcw good job :D I was going to suggest doing Ped.RelationshipGroup = player.RelationshipGroup, but I'm not sure if that would work anyway haha

  • @gamevidsnorwegian @yeahhmonkey @LeeC2202 Alright, peps, so just a quick update on the work, as I wasn't able to provide any feedback in the meanwhile, so here is the work status.

    1. Mobile Call Numbers are added, so now, no more spawnning of Primary car/escort car/bodyguard car from the UI menu, they all are added as mobile contacts, in the phonebook

    2. Now all the objects will spawn at certain radius so, you won't be able to see them, rather, you will just be seeing a blip on minimap/map driving towards your location

    3. I was having issues with bodyguard not following to the player, but now it does, I had to fix up couple of function sequences

    4. Now, bodyguard will follow you when you are on foot, and when you want to enter your uber ride, bodyguard will enter his bodyguard car, only assigned to the bodyguards. So you will have plenty much space open.

    5. Primary weapons added to the guard and I am trying to add the function, where if player brings out his gun, then only bodyguard does the same. If player is in fist fight, bodyguard will switch either to fist or to baseball bat etc.

    Issues I am dealing with

    1. This took hell of a time, for me to identify, but all the 3 drivers will flee, if they see/hear gunfire. I am trying to find the fix and will be soon enough. I think there is a native function for that, I read somewhere, TASK_SET_BLOCKING_OF_NON_TEMPORARY_EVENTS
      So will check and confirm.

    2. I couldn't find the way to add the options on mobile contacts, like Refresh the way-point, Recall the Driver and Dismiss the driver, so those are on the UI menu, and it will be like this for a moment.

    3. At the moment, I have included all services you call/opt for(Uber Ride, Escort Car & Bodyguards) will be dismissed on a single menu, let me know should I keep them dismissed separate or all at once.

    Let me know your thoughts on this.

  • Version 1.5(Major Release)

    -Mobile Contacts - No more UI Function to spawn the driver or Ride. All 3, Uber Ride, Escort Ride & Bodyguard Ride are now part of built in Mobile Contacts.(Thanks to CamxxCore for his Mobile Wrapper Library)

    -Bike Support Added - Bike support added to the mod, now just change the car type in .INI file, and appropriate driver will now arrive on bike. :D(Make sure you have 2 seater bike.)

    -Spawn at Distance - Now, your rides, will spawn at certain distance, and will drive towards your position, for more realism.

    -Majority Code Re-written - Major code has to be re-written in order for me to add call and bodyguard functions.

    -Bodyguards Function - Added a bodyguard & bodyguard ride function. So now, you will have 3 rides on map.

    -Dismissal Order changed - As commented earlier, it was 2 cars till last update, now there are 3 rides, 3 drivers and 1 bodyguard has to be included in the dismissal order.

    -Major, Minor Bug fixed - Had to start, restart, crashed game, stuck/hang gameplay, for me to test and fix it. But hey, its worth it. :)

    @gamevidsnorwegian @yeahhmonkey @LeeC2202 @vanishare @Pleasance13 @andrestall @CamxxCore

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