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Peds and Traffic disappeared??

  • Hi All

    I installed Natural Vision Remastered and it is a great mod! However all my traffic and peds have reverted back to very low in game?? In fact the streets and motorways are virtually deserted! I did not have this problem before I installed NVR but when I uninstall all returns back to normal?

    I already use a more peds and traffic mod which replaces my settings.xml file which worked perfect before, but that has been made redundant now with NVR installed, Also Density and stuff is all maxed in my settings, its weird and never experienced this before. I am using LSPDFR mod.

    Does anyone have any help or tips I can try out please?

    EDIT: Ok I made some inroads with adjusting the gameconfig.xml manually and now traffic is appearing...moving onto peds now. I used this information and followed the settings and changed in mine and all so good so far! https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/18468/improved-traffic-densities-the-most-comprehensive-tutorial-yet

  • ok bumping this thread as the Cop Peds are not appearing at all? any help appreciated

  • Look for the mod "Cops back on the beat". The mod will spawn the cop cars and cops in traffic. Note: This will not make female cops appear however. Just use the popcycle.dat. Not popgroups.ymt if you have dlc cars appear in traffic. This will get rid of it.

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