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Any mods to remove AI vehicle rubberbanding?

  • I've HATED vehicle rubberbanding since the PS days with games like Grand Turismo and virtually every other game created since then that has any type of racing, whether that's horses, cars, etc. as the cars/horses auto-regulate their speed outside of rules established for the player or the car/horse itself if YOU were actually driving it instead of the ped, meaning a car crashes, and 5 seconds later it's almost passing you. It's a cheap way to increase difficulty, but ruins the realism.

    With GTA V, you can at least use the "look behind" button to stop cop cars from adhering like glue, as the game won't pull "dirty tricks" with player non-line of sight i.e. a cop car crashes, it HAS to obey as if you were staring directly at it, and must back up, correct, then move vs. auto-correcting w/o doing so when NOT in line of sight and getting a huge speed boost.

    I think the most annoying aspect though is pedestrian cars speed up and slow down with regards to the player's car, even when doing something like merging into highway traffic, trying to blow through an intersection, etc.. Hit the brakes going into the intersection, the pedestrian hits their brakes making a collision more likely. Conversely, speeding will cause them to speed up, again meaning a collision is more likely. Or a dump truck is doing 30 to 60 as fast as your high-end sports car fully upgraded.

    So, any mods to remove AI vehicle rubberbanding? I tried google searching, and it kept pulling up AFK BS for online.

  • I never knew what the name for this phenomenon is, but I whole heartedly agree, there should be a mod made that address it. Could be as simple as editing/setting a flag, something like "vehicle.isInLOS = true"... of course there could be other complications with LODs and such, but it's a worthwhile endeavor in my opinion.

    Have you thought about moving this to the request section?

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