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RPH crash

  • Hi, today I got RPH game crash. It is crashing all of time after 10-20 minutes of playing. I don't know what to do. I hope you will help me :) https://ibb.co/8cRHQZ3

  • @Melixon Check your log files. ScriptHook/ASI loader/ScriptHookDotNet.

    also there should be a folder there for crash logs from Rage. If you get one of those you'd get better help at the LSPDFR forums i think.

  • Script hook has nothing to do with RPH.

  • @TheMurderousCricket Ignoring the fact that your image gives absolutely no clue as to a problem and you've neglected to give any type of info even after i said "there should be a folder there for crash logs from Rage". I'll choose to ignore your last response.

    I suggest you look for the folder i'm not very certain but i think it's called MiniCrashReports and there should be be RPH logs for actual crashed to desktop reports. Go check LSPDFR forums for more help ith rage.

  • You can ignore it. But then again, don't blame me if you try to look into script hook logs, to solve a problem with RPH that does not even require those to run...

    That being said, I suggest you look into RPH requirements first.

  • @H3llo A couple of facts that seemed to be ignored, like the fact that it wasn't @TheMurderousCricket that started the post, left that image, or left no info. TMC's post was correct in saying that RPH does not use ScriptHook. That's all that TMC posted in response to you telling the OP to check their scripthook logs.

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