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New Idea: Help me customize my mod for you.

  • Had an idea while learning a different way of adding entities to my mod, in what should be a more efficient way for the game to handle. There are many ways you could set up such a large empty space, and the way I have it now works great for a butt load of cars and to kind of use for car storage and selling using Hunk's mod as I have been lately. But since mlo interiors aren't the easiest thing to get, although it isn't that difficult either, I figured this would be a good opportunity for me to practice and for people to get a customized mod for how they want to use it. My vision of how it should be laid out and the flow of gameplay is going to be way different than the next person.

    So what I ask of people that have already installed my mod or might be interested in my mod, if you want more stuff inside, let me know what the name of it is in the game. You can use CodeWalker to fly around and click on stuff from certain areas. For example, if you want something from like the PDM dealership, you can fly the camera to the location, click on an entity like the car lift or whatever and get the name, and if you want to be nice the info on where it is located. Make sure you only pick ydr items right now, since that's all I know how to work with at the moment in 3ds. There's plenty of them all over the place. You could also just look around the files in OpenIV and chose ydrs that way. A lot of props in x64i.rpf as a starter spot for most of yall.

    Once you know the things you want placed, make a sketch or whatever showing me how you want things laid out. A quick crappy drawing of a rectangle with landmarks like the front door and garage doors and the windows and basic shapes to represent the items you want will help me with placement. Also counting the number of the rows and/or columns in the brick if you want something on the wall a certain height or distance from a particular window.

    Here are two pics of what I just did for testing purposes. One daytime and one as the interior lights came on. Oh, and note ** NO I WILL NOT CHANGE THE LIGHTS! ** That light mapping crap was not fun. Mainly because for some odd reason Gims and 3ds weren't playing nice for a few days during my first few attempts.
    alt text

    alt text

    Link to my mod. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grovestreetgarageupgrades2-1

  • FYI, other good places for props, there's a good amount in x64a, x64c, x64f, x64h ... some in x64g, heck, they're all over the place, just look around. Type in simple words, like workbench or bench, tools, shelf or shelves, etc. in the search bar in OpenIV and that will bring up a lot from all over the place if it has that in the name, which most do.

  • Added a few more things for how I want it laid out to maybe help inspire others. Will release this version after I'm done with it if people want it for themselves as opposed to asking for a custom version. Still working on other stuff too.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Hello, idk if you can recreate apex legends models for gta 5 it would be cool :D thank you!

  • @AlexKK No, and that isn't the point of this post or this area. Go to the request area.

  • I just joined a new up and coming server still WIP but I wonder if you could somehow not only keep some of the repair stuff like the tool boxes/lifts etc.. but could you add parking spaces for almost like an impound lot/to yard in the interior.. a medium size office would be nice as well

    I will await your work, if you want to you can add me on discord and we can discuss in private in more detail..

  • @Quakex64 Provide me with some kind of basic sketch of what you have in mind, like where you would want the parking spaces or the impound area. Also the office, let me know where and what you want in it. Also find the stuff you want me to use. Be as specific as possible with locations of things, like if want a door to the office, where would you want it and if you have a preference on which way it swings.

    Also to note, I can separate out things if they are together with other things that you don't want. Like the Sumo, Sprunk, Meinmach, and the round Authorized Vapid dealer banners were one ydr and fit a specific location but i could separate them and place them individually.

  • @Quakex64 I made a video of me adding a few things, it wasn't meant as a tutorial, just decided to record me going through the process to get some more stuff added into my mod. Hopefully this will help everyone out there get a better idea of one method to add stuff to a mlo interior, and maybe get more people into making them.

    Wanted to show you it really isn't difficult, or that time consuming. Had to break it up into 4 parts so I could put it on YouTube, tried to make them flow nicely. You could learn from it, and try it yourself, but I'm not claiming that I did it 100% correct or in the most efficient manner, it's just one way I know how to do it, plus it was late last night when I did it. Wanted to delete as little of the process as possible, so the third video is a lot of me waiting for 3ds to export the ydr. Wanted to show you that if 3ds and GIMS stops responding (multiple times), to just let it do it's thing. Mine always does that and I've learned to just chill and wait, you do see me moving my mouse around a lot since I do have a short fuse, but I'm not clicking on things, even though it may look like it at times. Smaller files and interiors don't cause this hiccup, like you see the collision exported quickly and without issue.

    There's a few things I do that you could ignore, like when I pull my current interior shell and collision out of OpenIV, I just did that so I could replace what I did in this video. Also, a lot of me clicking the views of the collision and drawable back and forth, or a bunch of rotating to really look at placement, was just to show you what stuff looks like in 3ds, if you haven't seen it before. Didn't plan on keeping this, but I'll probably keep the two new wheel balancers, and will most likely move that tiger skin rug to a better position and remove the other two rugs. I just placed it quickly there since I kinda knew where the desk is located. The two rugs there now are just in the ytyp of the mod, so if you wanted to, just need to delete the CEntityDef info from there telling them where to spawn, and remove their numbers from the attached object section in the ytyp.

    The other way I know how to add things, would be basically what I did in the video, but instead of the attaching of the collision and drawable, I would place the object, then use Neo7's tool (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta-v-map-helper-maxscript) to make a ymap.xml, and then use the info in those to place it in the ytyp of my mod. That is how I got the props at the upper front end of the garage to spawn in. And really you only would need to use the ymap part of the tool if the entity is already in the game. The ymap tells it where to spawn. The ytyp tells the game what it is, texture dictionary to use, etc. It will already be defined somewhere in another ytyp. That is where you need to get the name of the ytyp the entity came from and add that ytyp name to the manifest of my mod. Now in the case of the two custom lights, I had to use the tool to make a ytyp and a ymap and the info from both of those got added into the ytyp of my mod. That's because their specific size, and the custom light mapping for them. Two different ones due to the fact that they hang from the same level of the ceiling, but the lower level is so much lower. That really messed with me doing the light map.

    ps. I already had the latest copy of my interior already saved in 3ds, so that's why I didn't have to export it to the GIMS folder like I did with the rug. I also already had the wheel balancer exported into the folder from awhile ago so that's why it was already there waiting for me.

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