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[MISC][WIP]Nostalgic World Environment...

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    Hi everyone!

    The project im currently working on pretends to give a nostalgic, sepia feeling to the whole Grand Theft Auto V map, in every aspect, giving a strong colour tonemapping, different from looking through available glasses in game.

    alt text

    Night time appearance is noticeable improved, nights now will almost be totally dark, no matter where you are, LS or countryside, like in real life, without messing up with saturation or contrast(this is not VisualV, but vanilla graphics).

    alt text

    There will be two presets avaiable in the mod, each one with different palettes, both will have a brownish atmosphere.

    alt text

    Interiors lightning is more warmer, soft and realistic at the same time.

    alt text

    I took inspiration from L.A Noire, and some Old Gen and Current Gen Snapmatic filters.

    alt text

    I will keep this thread updated constantly as the project keeps advancing. But i would like some support. If someone want to help me, please let me know in the comments!

    Note: Screenshots were not captured in low quality, it´s a noise effect in game.

    UPDATE 1: It will include three presets, instead of two.

    You want to see more captures? Visit my gallery, where i will frequently add new images:frame_photo:.


  • @Frazzlee You nailed it!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JacketW Unfortunately, i don't think so, at least for now, because my administrator user account is actually locked(i forgot my password suddenly) and i still cannot find a way to bypass it. Currently i'm not able to play GTA V in the guest account because is not installed there, only in my user folder located in (C:), as many other games...


    @LanGonCer9807 wishing you luck on unlocking the PC, I know how frustrating that can be, your settings totally reminded me of LA Noire, it would be nice to see it released. Best wishes.

  • In the last days i was very busy, so currently i stood away from my PC, but in a near future i will return to complete and release this mod guys...

  • @LanGonCer9807 Please, release it ASAP, this would be great in conjuction with mod like RetroFive and such :P


  • Does anybody remember about that project?

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