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Something messing with car controls.

  • Hi there i'm hoping you can help me. I've got a few different Add-On Cars installed and a few ASI mods and 2 or 3 Scripts which i will list further down.

    I've got a bit of a weird problem regarding vehicles and more so when i'm using them with my controller. If i'm in a car and i press the left stick forward i don't get any grip and my vehicle will not move. It just revs really high almost like i'm holding in the clutch for the car ?

    I thought maybe this had happened when i'd installed a car that had the pop-up headlights but after removing that car it still persists with the problem.

    ASI Mods : SimpleTrainer/Menyoo/J10RailroadEngineer/FOV/ManualGears/VStancer.
    Scripts: AfterHoursSP/SinglePlayerApartment/BennysMotorWorks/LSTransit/Nativeui.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Manual Transmission maps clutch to left stick forward, if I recall correctly. You can map it to somewhere else or disable it completely.

  • @ikt Thanks so much! That was it!

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