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Sky, stars too blur

  • Can anyone teach me how to fix this sky ?


    sry , i dont know how to add picture

  • @ghost299

    As long as it's not caused by some post processing effect you could try replacing the 'starfield' texture in:


    with a higher resolution image of the starfield.

    Either increase the resolution & clean it up in Photoshop etc so the stars appear smaller & crisper or hunt for a better texture on this site & replace it that way.

    Some mods may have moved the 'skydome.ytd' to 'update.rpf' so search for the file in OpenIV using 'Ctrl+F3' (select 'search mod folder only' in dropdown also so you don't edit the game folder file by accident :thumbsup:)

    Note: The starfield texture is a tiled texture that repeats itself tiled all over the sky. You can't just replace it with any high res pic of stars. You need to make sure it will work like a jigsaw & repeat across the sky without creating repetative patterns that will be very immersion breaking. You'll see what I mean if you replace it with something that doesn't work. Most of them on this site should work well enough :thumbsup:
    Make a backup of 'x64a.rpf' (default vanilla location) or at least the 'skydome.ytd' before making any changes & you'll be good :thumbsup:

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