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Weapon skin mods not replacing Vanilla ones, Help Required

  • Hello

    Im having trouble with installing the weapon replace skin mods, i have everything installed what is required, but the "patchday8ng" folder doesn't work and i was wondering if Rockstar moved it again, because before that it was "patchday3ng" then they updated it to "patchday8ng" and now im not sure why it's not working, i tried to find help on forums and on YouTube, but i found nothing, everything is just outdated, but yeah i just can't get my skins to replace the vanilla ones, so is there like a new folder i should try?

    Please can someone give any helpful tips or anything that could fix this problem?

  • I'm not a 100% on this as i've never done replace models for guns but i'd be more than happy to help you.

    I know a couple of car replace files that have changed over the years and some of the most common responses to this issue is to place it in your newest patchday file.

    Instead of that though what i want you to do is go into OpenIV then Tools>Search and search for the files you need to replace. You'll be looking for the name of the file you're going to replace in the latest patchday directory you can find it in.

    For example say i had a mod and was looking for this but it had since been updated :

    • \Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks*patchday2ng*\dlc.rpf\x64\anim\ingame\clip_weapons@.rpf\weapons@first_person@aim_idle@p_m_zero@shotgun@heavy_shotgun@fidgets@c.ycd

    Hopefully my search would result in me finding it in a higher corresponding patchday :

    • \Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks*patchday5ng*\dlc.rpf\x64\anim\ingame\clip_weapons@.rpf\weapons@first_person@aim_idle@p_m_zero@shotgun@heavy_shotgun@fidgets@c.ycd

    I hope i didn't make that too confusing. If you could leave a link to the mod(s) you're trying to install and i'll have a go with you and try to get them working.

  • @H3llo Um yeah i still couldn't get them to work
    Btw this is the mod i tried to get to work
    I don't know what to do anymore.

  • @Nitzelz Ok i downloaded the mod you're trying to use and i got it working. I only used 1 skin from the pack (AK-12) and it showed up in game perfectly.

    To install what i did was drop the models i wanted to use into :


    if you do the same it should work.

  • Huh, very interesting... it didn´t work for me, i´ve tried every patchday folder and none of them work...
    Am i screwed?

  • @Nitzelz How are you going about installing them ? You are putting them inside the .rpf right ? I tried pathday10 because that's the one with the latest weapons.rpf as far as i could tell.

    • After they didn't work you've removed them from the old patchdays right ?
    • You say you tried every patchday but there are only certain ones with a weapons.rpf
    • Still don't know what to do and or it's not working ?

    Let me know and i'll give you a picture guide of what i did and the results in game so you can see that it should be easy and hopefully get's you your guns in game.

  • I did exactly as the you did, always place them inside the .rpf file and i deleted the last patchday folders that didn't work, the only weapon i could get working was the Up-n-atomizer model replace because it was in the christmas2018 folder, but the rest of the files wont replace, could it possible for some mods to mess up the models since i have quite a few mods installed?

  • @Nitzelz Well it could do maybe but it depends really.

    If you can give me a list of mods you are using it would be helpful, we can see if there's anything causing a confliction. I do find it strange how it hasn't worked for you.

    I take it when these weapons are not working for you that you're not looking at them in Ammunation and that you're spawning them to your character direct ?

  • There's way too many mods installed that i've lost count, some mods when i have tried to install straight up don't even work + i only test the weapons from my save file where the character already has all the weapons, maybe if i could somehow make these weapons as like spawnable (DLC like?) weapons maybe it could work, but as of now i have no knowledge over that, im just gonna guess that my mods are somehow making them not appear so i gotta install the basic mods back again.
    But thank you for trying to help me.

  • @Nitzelz If you eventually find a solution let me know. Sorry we couldn't get it working.

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