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Exhaustion Noises, there a way to get rid of it?

  • When I use any ped and run for a bit the exhaustion noise happens from the protagonist I was playing as.
    Is there a way or a mod to get this to stop?

  • @IntelImproved I think you can disable that by enabling some stamina option in simple trainer.

    Otherwise I have no clue, but definitely simple trainer can disable that!

  • @IntelImproved GOD mode

  • @IntelImproved

    One way would be to mute the breathing sounds in the 'PAIN.rpf' here:


    Note: There are also 'EXHALE_01>04' etc & 'INHALE_01>04' in 'pain_female_01.awc' for example & also other files, not just the sounds in 'breathing_franklin_01.awc' etc. You will have to hunt about through all the '.awc' files in 'PAIN.rpf' to get them all but it's very do-able. :thumbsup:

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