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Night light flickering with VisualV and NVR

  • Re: Light/Shadow Flicker with Natural Vision Remastered

    this happens even though I did exactly what that post said, it didn't fix the issue for me, though most lights are fine there's particular wall lights that go berserk on me, but it's tied to camera, not player, as shown in the video where I left the camera static and the lights didn't freak out

    Shadows are set to highest, long shadows, distance extender and high res are all set on and highest, and the softness option is "soft".

    I confirmed that it's exactly the timecycle files because changing them is the only thing that causes or fixes this, but I know that light_falloff_mult is not the setting, since I tried both the 0.7 and 1 variation and all 1 and it doesn't really fix the problem either way.

  • @nineth Ok you're gonna have to be gently with me as i've never used either of these mods but hopefully we can get you somewhere.

    First while i look about into this is there anything from this thread that could help ?


  • @H3llo well, I linked to that very post above saying I tried exactly what it says there to no avail lol

  • @nineth I do apologise. Are those the only mods you are using ? is there anything else that could affect something like this ?

  • @H3llo doubt it because I rolled back changes I made using other things like GTA Realism and Damned n Hancer Graphics, to try and isolate the problem. If I use just the vanilla files with the timecycles from Natural Vision Remastered it still happens, so tweaking those xmls didn't work out. The solution I figured out was to just get a few timecycles from other mods for night scenes where the lights would flicker (only very few areas) since this is all in the interest of making machinima.

  • @nineth When you said rollback, how do you mean ?
    Copied over vanilla files from non mod folder to mod folder ?

    Used oiv uninstallers ?

    I tend to find when i'm messing with things that change the graphics and or anything with timecycles or popgroups it's always safer the grab all my dlc files and my dlc/extratitle files, extract them and then copy them over to a fresh new mod folder. Simply because there might be something you or the author forgot to back up.

    Before you go through all that. If you did consider it, What's your distance scaling in game ?

  • @H3llo I renamed the mods directory to mods-backup then made a new mods directory, only added update.rpf to it basically and then there I installed the NVR timecycles. My distance scaling is set to maximum possible. I did test if lowering all of the distance options as well as shadows (except the quality itself still maxed because otherwise the game would be rendering lighting differently and that defeats the purpose, it needs to work with highest shadows) and it still happens, only with the NVR timecycles, despite changing the light_falloff_mult variable

  • I managed to get it to look this good using another timecycle and color grading so I think it doesn't matter anymore

  • @nineth That looked lovely, really good job man. Sorry we couldn't get to the cause but if i come across something at a later time that i think could help i'll hit you back up. All the best for future GTA projects!

  • @H3llo hey thanks, and I think this problem was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to look for alternatives to NVR and honestly I prefer how those look now

  • Quick update:
    I figured one thing out which is that force-loading online maps with Single Player Apartment mod messes lights up depending on other settings.
    I only left one of each apartment type still checked in the configuration exe that comes with SPA and then retried using NVR. Now the lights don't freak out anymore. That was the problem.

  • @nineth No way!!!!???? That's unreal, good solve. That'll be really helpful to other people guarenteed !
    Thanks for keeping us updated with the solution.

  • @H3llo yeah I hope the post helps any poor soul that like me can't stand crazy night lights

  • Awesome!!! Thx a lot it helps and make it so much more better :-)without this flickering ...

  • @TeamHimes pls tell me how to fix it

  • @Saras2006
    Better off creating your own thread on the matter if nothing in this thread or the threads it links to give you any solution.


    • Test remove Single Player Apartment or any mods like that that try to add multiplayer stuff to singleplayer.
    • If NVR (Naturalvision Remastered) is the cause. Edit '<light_falloff_mult>' in timecycle weather files to 0.7000 at night

    If installing something else has caused it, create own thread, with details of what caused it, when it started happening, what mods you have installed etc. Be as thorough & detailed as you can/include screenshots/vid of it happening if possible etc.

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