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[Help] "Back to Player Model"

  • So when im playing on Fivem (yes this might not be related), I switch to an MP Ped using Simple Trainer (I also use the Lambda Menu). Once I die, It shows “back to player model” And it reverts me back to Michael… Once im reverted to Michael, no one can see me and I need to respawn. Seems im the only one with this issue and I haven’t found a solution. Im looking to turn that off to Stay as my MP Ped when Dying. I have looked through the Configs, and all the toggles but have not found anything. Any help is Highly appreciated.

    I have tried to reinstall Simple Trainer, That fixed my issue for a couple of times opening and closing FiveM, But after 3-5 times it Reappears. Reinstalling SimpleTrainer every time Isn't good, As all my saved Character and car configs get deleted.

    I asked in FiveM Support, they said it was not related and im unsure where to get help...

    If you need Any Logs or configs ill Gladly send them.

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