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I need help creating a car model(Read below for more info)

  • I dont know if this is the right category, but I'd like to ask people to collab in creating a car mod. I will do the modelling of the frame, the people helping to collab will have to: UV Map, Model wheels, and someone that car actually get the car as a GTA 5 car as replace(No idea how to do all of that other than just modelling). The car model I am creating in in blender, I have created most of the frame. I have been told that you can use blender to either import into 3ds or work directly from blender. The car is the Audi R8 2019

  • @Apex_Apollo once the car is finished the steps u write above remaing are an easy task will take somone very less time . so when u are finished with 3d modeling it , u can visit this thread again. bravo for creating 3d models its a tiresome task.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks, sculpting/modelling is actually quite fun for me, it has its moments but its fun. Now I don't consider myself a professional, therefore I will try to assemble a small team that can do different stuff they're good at e.g. Interior, grills where it needs to be, windows as well, wheels and making it a car object from .blend to GTA 5, so you can tell me what you're willing to do and what you're up for and I'll gladly send you the blend to see what you can work on. If you know people who can help out that'd be great, I just finished with the full exterior

  • ![This is the model so far, I migth just ectrude the bottom and have it be flat, that won't satisfy my needs and fellow modders needs](0_1555528205273_upload-e958c259-5bbb-46b3-ae8f-4213f82a2877 image url)

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