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Community races (alone!)

  • Guys, could you give me a little piece of advice?

    I'm looking for a way to make some races through the "Community Races 1.3" mod, but... I would like to create only ONE spawn point so I can race alone in a "time trial" fashion. Without these idiot AI drivers.

    When I delete spawn points from a file so that only one spawn point remains, I can't start the race whatsoever... The mod forces me to have at least one other driver.

    Is there any workaround for this? Or, alternatively, some other way to create a timed race with just one driver - a human.

  • Have you tried Eddlm's street rating script that allows you to create your own races however I'm unsure if you can choose how many you want in a race

  • I may try it. But I also found a "dirty" workaround...

    All one needs to do to race alone is to delete all but two (important!) spawn points for cars. Then, edit one of the spawn point coordinates to something waaaaay away from the actual racetrack (0, 0, 0 coords will do nicely.)

    The reason I mention "two" in bold is the fact that the game will freeze when attempting to launch a race with just one spawn point...

    Anyway, when a race is launched, you will be there on the track, alone, while your would-be opponent will be confined to blue hell.

    Well, of course the chances are that it might be you who will be thrown into blue hell. But that's no biggie - one may just quit and restart the race until in the right start spot.

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