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Trevor's hair replacement mods don't appear.

  • I'm running the latest GTA V version (1.0.1604.1)
    The mods I've been having problems with are numerous Trevor hair replacement mods, these mods are:

    • New Trevor Hair & Look Pack | 3 Hair Models...
    • New Pack For T (Hair & Tops)
    • New Hair & Hat For Trev 1.0
    • trevor's hair 1.0

    I'm not sure if these mods overwrite each other, but I'm more than certain that I've followed the installation process correctly for everyone of these mods throughout.

    Thanks alot for reading, hope to hear from anyone who are willing to help.

  • Do you use "mods" folder on open4

  • Might be overwriting each other if they replace exact same files @Spoofalicious. In that case, only the most recent installation will be effected on your game.

    See the exact files in each mod to confirm it. If you can, you can try to merge them with some other names maybe or find someone to do it for you. :slight_smile:

  • @TheMurderousCricket How would I merge files? You could drop me a link where I can learn how to do if you don't want to explain, thanks.

  • @Spoofalicious - It's not that I don't want to... I don't know which resource you could use, I'm sorry. It is just my "qualified guess" that it should be possible.

    Please note, however, that before going through all that trouble, you should first make sure if this is really the reason (duplicate file names that is.) There is no point learning to merge features if a glitch / bug reason is completely different.

    I'm sorry if I can't help you as much as you would expect. This is just a "first thought" thingy...

  • @thebegin10 No, I didn't, I usually replace files directly. Seemed to work for Michael and Franklin hair mods though.

  • @TheMurderousCricket Thanks anyway, I'll try doing what you said, cheers.

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