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Game Crash Early in Story.

  • The game crashes during the mission in which Franklin steals a car (right after Michael leaves the therapist). If I skip the therapist cutscene, the game crashes immediately, but if I wait through it, the game crashes when I pull away in the car (either car).

    My GTA V is the latest steam version (1604.1) with latest Scripthook, OIV, NaturalV & Natural Vision Remastered, WOV, FTFR, and this gameconfig, along with its pre-requisites.

    I've removed and added each mod one-by-one, but nothing seems to make the crashes happen recursively. I've also removed all mods and run validation check and all checks out; the game runs fine vanilla. I'm not using any LUA or script folder mods either.

    Here are my logs:

    Open IV last moments

    GTA V Launcher.log



    I would appreciate any help.


  • Any chance you are using character vehicle replacement mod? It will crash the first mission then, as it requires default car.

    If not, I'd go with the config file.

  • Those are the only mods I'm using, so no. I'll try a few more configs and report back.

  • Still crashing after changing configs. Could someone link one that definitely works? I'm not sure what exactly to look for other than something for the current GTA version.

  • I added a 100% game save and was able to free roam for about a minute before crashing. I think it has something to do with peds, so I'm going to remove WoV and try again.

  • @enjoious I had recently started a new game. Having the mobile radio enabled in the trainer and actually having it on during the cutscene you mention, my game would crash. Disabled that and was able to get past it. Might check things like that before doing major stuff.

    If you can't find a game config that works, which I couldn't, i just edited it myself and haven't had issues for a few weeks now. I basically doubled up everything that looked like it had something to do with the amount of data the game uses or thinks it needs. There were a lot of "expected" pool type things that I changed. Can't remeber right now what exactly it all was, but figured if I messed something up, just grab the vanilla one and try again. Luckily no issues and no more errors or crashes in awhile.

  • @chonkie I hadn't even opened the trainer to change stuff, and it still crashed. I'm sure it wasn't anything like that. I removed FTFR and WoV, and the game runs perfectly now. It must be something wrong with one of them, or they're incompatible which is unlikely, as FTFR dev recommends having WoV. If all else fails, would you be willing to send me your gameconfig?

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