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bfinjection replace BUG

  • Hi,

    i downloaded this mod ( https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/baja-beetle-offroad-add-on ) and i wanted to replace the bfinjection in the x64e.rpf file but when i launch the game and i take this car, i have this bug and i don't know where and how i can solve this.

    So if someone can help me, that would be with pleasure because it's very annoying.

    Thank you.

    This is an picture of the bug.


  • @Master_Findus
    Edit the handling of the bfinjection in this file here:


    to the handling that is contained within the Baja Beetle download & it will fix it :thumbsup:

    Specifically, it's this bfinjection line that is causing it:

    Replace this:


    with this:


  • Thank you so much guy =D

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