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  • Hi,
    My kids r HUGE fans of tom and jerry. They saw a couple of videos on youtube playing gta 5 with tom and jerry as players.
    I've been searching the web for 3 days now for such mods and couldn't find it.
    Can anyone please make them or guide me to where to get them.
    Thx a lot

  • Usually content creators make such mods as paid content on their patreon wall, google keywords patreon gta 5 tom and jerry.

    Or the youtube video you saw must have a link in description.

    If not then i hope someone here with plenty of free time can help you rig them characters into gta 5

    YouTuber pay us mod developers to make or rig such models into gta 5. So they can make videos of them.

    Some don't want others to have those mods..


    Do not create multiple threads on the same subject please


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