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[SCRIPT] Purge "Mini" Game

  • I had an idea that I could never execute. So I'll float it here and if someone wants to "steal" it they can. Most "purge" scripts revolve around replicating the total chaos of the "riot mode" Grand Theft Auto III cheat, I'm thinking of something a little more GTA-typical at least as far as the controlled chaos of the newer games are concerned.

    It's possible, I suppose, that some of this is not possible, but I'm trying to think within the box: relatively close to other mods I've seen on the site. Basically the player goes to minigame icon for the purge. Time is set to make one "24hr" period 3 1/2hrs of play time, starting time = midnight. Police are disabled of course. Gang hideouts pop up across the city, which can be raided for cash. NPC's can be either fleeing or hostile, but gangs are more prevalent across the world map. I also imagine that a system for spawning masked MP models, perhaps also fractured into (possibly unmarked) gangs would be more in line with the films' depictions of the events of the purge as well.

    Maybe there are safe zones, (like your own gang hideout) but they can be randomly besieged. Let's also say players can collect limited ammunition, armor and health items here, but only once every 70min. Aside from gang hideouts perhaps you can break into shops (but not things like banks, as they'd be prepped for the purge) and break open cash registers. If the player survives the onslaught for the entire "24hr" period they get to keep their loot.

    It's too bad that money is the best incentive I can come up with, but the fun of the idea really is how long could you last with random NPC's trying to kill you for 3 1/2hrs, and whether or not it's possible to make that more fun, and worth the effort. Just a thought, I'm sure it'll stay that way, but it was a fun one to have nonetheless.

  • Sounds like a great idea to me.

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