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How to make a Dead Body in Map Editor?

  • I want make a Murder Map.But I don't know how to make a body.

  • @LAPDSWAT. From my limited experience, you won't be able to make a dead body using ME, that's not what it does. Unless you can find a dead ped prop already in the game or something to spawn in, you're most likely going to have to make it yourself in Zmodeler3 or whatever people make peds with. Or you could theoretically make a dead ped prop in 3ds to spawn in the game.

    And seriously, try to use CodeWalker instead, ME is too outdated. Have fun looking through props with that stupid spinning prop selection screen. Have fun with invalid objects.

  • @LAPDSWAT - @chonkie is right - map editor should only be used as a "dependable" and nothing else.

    Luckily, you can make dead people using Menyoo. You put a ped in, go to "Animations" or "Scenario Actions" and use "writhe and die" or "dead" options.

    Sorry for not giving you the full path. Just a quick tip. But 100% confirmed as I did this a couple of times. Perhaps I'll check later to give you the entire "mode d'emploi".

  • @LAPDSWAT @TheMurderousCricket Good idea TMC. And it can even be done it if they don't use Menyoo, like with Simple Trainer you could spawn in a bunch of bodyguards or even just random peds and then select the option to have them all die and they will die where they stand. I have done that with 10 bodyguards all around me at one point. You can even have them drop money when they die.

    Don't know how it could be made into a map easily. You could create custom scenarios in CodeWalker. I have't really messed with that stuff yet, so don't know how in depth you can get or how to do it yet.

  • It is pretty easy in Menyoo for sure, as all you have to do is to save those dead peds as a database entities. Then you can just load them. The "deadness" effect can be achieved in at least two ways - either by assigning an animation (which will launch a short dying animation of said ped) or through "task sequence" setup. Launching GTA now to check it for sure. :wink:

  • It is even easier than I thought...

    Spawn a ped through the "Object Spooner" and right click on the ped to bring up their properties. Once there, set their health to "0". Ped will instantly "play dead".

    All that remains to do is to save the database through the "Managed saved files" option and your murder scene is ready - upon reloading, all peds with "0" health will instantly drop to the ground.

  • Thanks.I will try use Menyoo to make my map.


    I would highly recommend you learn to use CodeWalker. It really is better for making map type stuff. Here is tutorial on how to add custom scenarios to the game. In this tutorial, it shows how you can set it up so that the peds die right away. Very very easy to do. This tutorial is very thorough too.

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