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parallax road

  • hello i need your help i am trying to understand how to activate the shader for parallax height / displacement / bump texture ... i create texture for the road my it is in high resolution 4096/8192 j would like to know how to make the texture of height work I try to add a texture as an example imroad_020_ H it does not work finally the game the load not help me please here is one of my video my it misses the texture height to give a more realistic effect

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  • @gamehancer You're going to fail making 4k/8k Roads. The texture dictionaries will break your game's archives at such high memory usage.

    Trust me. I've tried.

    I suggest 2k textures and spec maps and 4k misc textures (potholes) etc. 1k and 512x512 lods

    Protip: Replace the normal maps at x64a < mapdetail.

    These tacky 128x128 normal maps load under most of the city roads/sidewalks. Create new 2k versions of them...MUST BE the same ATI2 pixel format.

    Always make sure the G channel is inverted in photoshop.

    check out screens of my old private road mod. You're probably the only
    other person I've seen make attractive looking asphalt.

    Only certain roads and objects allow for displacement maps. To change those you'll need to export the actual model with open iv and manually replace the embedded textures.

    So no parallax. Only with terrain (forest, desert, beaches etc.) For roads you'll have to get creative with your normal maps.

  • What is the latest situation?

  • @VogueKuzey the thread is two years old and the last post was saying that it can't be done. I don't think there is a latest situation.

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