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[VEHICLE] Adding amber marker lights to custom sheriff texture.

  • Hello all, can sombody PLEASE add the amber marker lights detail to this sheriff_lights.dds texture? https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/improved-led-lights-for-the-vapid

    I really like the HD LED lightbar that Netman's mod produces on the "modern impala inspired" police cars but I cant use the sheriff lights texture because I also like the amber marker lights that I currently have installed on cruisers & sheriff cars. Can somebody modify his sheriff_lights.dds teture to also have the amber lights? (right quarter of the headlight & marker lights.

    I did NOT see any warning of re-uploading on his mod page. I did try to contact him aboit this with no reaponce. If this does not follow the rules Im sorry & please delete this post.

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