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How to spawn a ped model with a specific walking style in .CS?

  • I have this mod where you can spawn a ped model using a hotkey, in .CS, I was wondering how one would spawn a ped model with a certain walking style attached to it. Like drunk or overweight, for example.

    I know you can select these walking styles with a trainer like Menyoo, But I would like to have it already applied to the character. Is that possible, in .CS?

    To be specific, I want to spawn one with "Intimidation 3" walking style (at least, that's what it's called in Menyoo)

    Any help with this would be a great help.

  • Spawn the ped normally, then use this code to set the movement clipset to "Intimidation 3"

    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET, Game.Player.Character, "move_m@intimidation@unarmed", 1.0f);

    I took the movement clipset from here: https://github.com/MAFINS/MenyooSP/blob/ccecad0f7f7eff7ab1618e609cd772055911e19a/Solution/source/Submenus/PedAnimation.cpp#L1338

  • Jitnaught, the scripting genius to the rescue! Awesome, gonna try this out.

  • Hmm..having trouble getting it to work. Where would I put that code within this?:

    Keys changeModelKey = Keys.V;
    Model modelToChangeTo = "u_m_m_jesus_01";

    public ChangePlrModel()
    	KeyDown += ChangePlrModel_KeyDown;
    private void ChangePlrModel_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    	if (e.KeyCode == changeModelKey)


  • After Game.Player.ChangeModel

  • @Jitnaught Where can i type this code in my games folder?

  • @Zapzzable100 You need to put it in a .cs file or compile it as a dll and then it goes in your scripts folder.

  • @NotOfTheWorld
    I had problems when I first started with this particular function. Right or wrong, this is how I got it to work, from a LemonUI menu selection.

     public void ChangeMovement(object sender, EventArgs e)
                String MyChoice = MovementSubmenu.SelectedItem;  //0 stance, 1 walk, 2 run
                Function.Call(Hash.RESET_PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET, CurrentPed, 0.0f);
                if (MyChoice == "Drunk")
                    Function.Call(Hash.REQUEST_ANIM_SET, "MOVE_M@DRUNK@VERYDRUNK");
                    while (!Function.Call<bool>(Hash.HAS_ANIM_SET_LOADED, "MOVE_M@DRUNK@VERYDRUNK"))
                   Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET, CurrentPed, "MOVE_M@DRUNK@VERYDRUNK", 1.0f);
                 //   CurrentPed.MovementAnimationSet = "move_m@drunk@verydrunk";

  • @JohnFromGWN Not sure I know what you're talking about my little knowledge on programming

  • @Zapzzable100 im not sure what your question is. If you have a script you need to put it in your scripts folder which you create as a subfolder of your installation folder.

    You need to google a tutorial on gta5 scripting and you will need some additional files.

  • @JohnFromGWN nvm i fixed it X...D answers magically appear

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