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What Would Rockstar Call Your City/State/Province? [Yes, rappo, it's a double post, i'll delete the one nobody responds to.]

  • Think_Tank a day ago

    I saw that the GTA State of Liberty Infusions mod was working on Chicago and said "I'll need a better name than The Windy City" and it got me wondering, what would Rockstar call it? The most clever naming they ever did was Alderney, "Alderney is a neighboring island to Jersey in the English Channel, hence the name "Alderney" replacing "New Jersey" in GTA universe." (http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/State_of_Alderney) read the triva section, it mentions another example of some of their most brilliant parody naming yet. Using triva, slang, and nick names as a reference, what would they call any city you can think of? What would the countryside/mountains be called that GTARandom was working on a while back?

    Please only suggest parody names of locations, nothing else.

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