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Clipping Bug

  • If anyone has 3DSMax and knows how to convert sp clothes to mp then id be grateful if you could help me out with this bug.
    0_1556109693720_Clip Bug.png

  • Also, I've been having trouble porting feet properly, so that could be it too, seeing as it's rigging as a feet model. So I would use https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/old-bugstars-outfit-for-michael#comments_tab for porting it to MP. But always remember, unless it's a R* made model, to always give credit to whoever made the model. In this case, Slick didn't make the model

  • @flying_bulletzzz @NaijaMango i think this is a rigging issue (mesh not "binded" to skeleton), unfortunately i cant help you on 3dsmax =/

  • Rig it on top of any GTA Online mask that covers the face, should work

  • @NaijaMango Yea as I said, I only used the R* made. Im not gonna upload a model anyway but I do remember about giving credit to people. And about your question in your comments Tab; I did B.

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Thats what I did. I used the rebreather.

  • @flying_bulletzzz Lemme ask this, what is the name of the rebreather model? It should be "berd_xxx" or something like that

  • @NaijaMango berd_001.ydd in the heist dlc dictionary.

  • @flying_bulletzzz And are you naming the .skel model "berd_001 FULL"?

  • @NaijaMango Yes

  • @flying_bulletzzz Ok tell you what. I'm gonna go ahead and do the conversion myself. I honestly dunno what's going on, because the way I do, probably ain't the right way either. I don't think 3ds is built primarily for character editing, and I know for sho it aint meant for weapon modeling. So I'll see what's up

  • @NaijaMango Ok, I guess Im doing something wrong or my 3DS is acting up.

  • Hello. Did you guys found a way to do it? I'm trying to create some clothes for MP peds, but I cant the skel model, or I didnt understand well how it work.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Polimante I didn't.

  • I didnt understood how it works... I need to take the .yft of MP ped (i'm using the freemode ped for GTA online) and put it in the same folder that the model I want to convert, with the same name of the model I want but with " FULL". But, where did I place this file after the modification? I don't need to replace it? This file is used just for the skeleton model of the MP ped? I'm confused...

  • @Polimante I dont get it either. For now I just convert the clothes into .ydr, replace some in game props and attache them to the player via Menyoo.

  • @Polimante You don't need to replace the original .odd file. I have a specific folder where I export the completely edited .odr file. When exporting, it should take the name of the original .odd you took from the MP character.

    What I'll do is just lay out my process and hope yall can base what you're doin off of that

  • Organization is key. Have folders for: the model you want to graft onto the MP Character, the MP Character's model you want to use as a reference + the "model name FULL.skel", and a folder for your final product

    alt text

    Again, in your MP Model folder, have the xxx FULL.skel file alongside the model you wish to use as reference in there (and a .otd file for textures to show up in 3ds Max. Completely optional)

    alt text

    In the folder for the model you're importing, all you really need is the .odd file + its accompanying file folder from the OpenIV export

    alt text

    When in 3ds, import the new model first so you can have it ready for attachment/editing. Of course the order don't really matter, just my process.

    alt text

    Go ahead and delete ALL bones/nodes other than the "_high" model as such

    alt text

    Once that's done, go ahead and import the MP Model and select that model's "_high model"

    alt text

    Afterwards, go into the "Modify" tab on the right-most window, and go into the editable mesh. Use any of the 5 selection modes (vertex, edge, element, etc) and select the entire "_high" model using either ctrl-a or dragging the mouse. Then attach the selection to the importing model and hit delete.

    alt text

    Export that into your Final Product folder, and that's it. Keep in mind for this example, feet_010 was my MP Model and feet_000 was the model I'm importing

  • Thanks a lot, Naija. Now I got it. But, I have another trouble with clothes. Sometime when I up the character arms it get glitch in some parts of the cloth... Did you have on mind how to solve it?

  • This is what I mean about the glitch



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