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[VEHICLE] [WIP] Nissan 180sx with 250+ Tuning Parts.

  • A side project I've been working on every now and then between other, more interesting projects. Will post more screens as more gets done. Just need to UV map all the parts, make liveries, and do some minor tweaks+additions.

    Various setups of the car

    Garage Mak Kit

    Uras Type S Kit with optional scissor doors

    G Corporation Kit

    Custom Interior

    Old school setup

    BWAVE PS13 and RPS13

    Another interior shot

    SR20 Enginebay with Spirit Rei kit

  • @cereaI do you have discord and allow beta testing?

  • @SLY95ZER at the moment no. I do not want this getting leaked as I have some costly parts on it.

  • Sweet mother of God!

  • @cereaI ahh that's fair enough man do you have a discord anyway so I can see what you're working on you're one of my favourite modders

  • @cereaI also got some good news I fixed the issue of tuning with the S13 what I did was I edited the cars mod kit id to 1085 and it works wonders now

  • @SLY95ZER my discord is cereal #7322

  • @cereaI Didn't work dude try adding me SLY95ZER#4318

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