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Unable to add vehicle files to OpenIV Version 3.1

  • So I have my police vehicle files and I drag them into OpenIV and they have the same name as the files already
    in OpenIV but when I drop them in I get an error message saying unable to add files. Im in editor mode and
    idk why it won't let me replace the files. If anyone could help that would be great!

  • @anarchy05
    If you've done the usual (reinstall OpenIV etc) perhaps make a backup of the '.rpf' you are trying to add the cars to & then revert it to default/vanilla by copying it from the main game folder & then try again. Might be corruption of some kind.

    Note: When reinstalling OpenIV make sure these folders are deleted completely:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio


  • @a63nt-5m1th The files went into OpenIV now but every time I open LSPDFR ever since I did that LSPDFR crashes immediately after RPH is done loading.

  • @anarchy05 said in Unable to add vehicle files to OpenIV Version 3.1:

    since I did that

    You mean replaced the '.rpf' archive with vanilla one?

    I've got no knowledge of LSPDFR or RPH but if it worked before the '.rpf' reset it tends to suggest something is now missing from that archive. Apart from the reset archive, LSPDFR & RPH are identical to what worked before, yeah? You didn't update one of them at the same time or add something new to your game that might cause a conflict/crash etc? A new/updated mod that uses RPH for example?
    All I can suggest is you run through the process of installing them again & see if anything is missing from the '.rpf' you reset (which '.rpf' are we talking about anyway?).
    For LSPDFR grab the 'LSPDFR 041 Manual Install.zip' (if that's what you have installed? That was the one I found here anyway) & you should only have to install what is missing from that one archive you reset. I doubt RPH installs anything to an '.rpf' archive (I might be wrong) so I would probably troubleshoot LSPDFR first.
    Bit of guess work here on my behalf but if you give me more details I'll have a better idea. The more info the better :thumbsup:. If you can link to any downloads you happen to talk about that can help a lot too (so I have same version as you to look at etc) :thumbsup:
    Any error/crash message produced when LSPDFR crashes? Any logs created? (they will be useful).
    See how you get on with that anyway & get back to me :thumbsup:

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