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Why are there so few mods for Offline MP Male & Female Character Integration?

  • It would be great just to use the dart board, tennis courts and Golf Club using a replica off my old online Multiplayer character. There are so many good mods out there already, but they seem limited to being only applicable to the 3 main character Franklin, Trevor and Michael. Ive little interest in playing GTA online nowadays as ive been playing it regularly for years and ive accomplished all the main aspects of the game e.g various businesses, properties and vehicle types. Thats why im very grateful for all the talented modders who keep the Offline version alive with an abundance of vehicles, frequent script updates , addon missions etc.

    Sure enough , I can change my character to any Ped and alter their clothes and features etc. But I cant do simple things like the three main characters, I cant even purchase a Soda or a ticket to ride on the RollerCoaster. Is this due to some kind of hard coding implemented by Rockstar to prevent this for some reason? So far ive come across a mod titled 'Character Swap' by Unknown Modder and this has been the most successful so far. I hope there will be someone clever enough to develop this mod further or create one like it.

    Whether or not this does eventually happen, I would like to express my thanks to everyone on here that has contributed something to this excellent game.

  • It's not that simple, everything is coded in rockstar scripts and there's no tools to edit them, hence why such mod doesn't exist, Character Swap mod is doing a memory hack to make the game think you're a different model

  • @HeySlickThatsMe

    I thought that might be the reason. We've got a Mod for Virtually Everything else e.g Look at all the various functions that can be implemented using trainers like Menyoo etc , but no one can get the MP Male & Female to use the dart board or the golf course etc ?? I wish Rockstars coding had been complex enough to stop all the idiots and cheaters from ruining the Online Game.

    Thanks for replying all the same. And keep up the good work with all the good addons you've done for the game. I liked the Shaundi Ped you did before. :)

  • @swanseaboy01 Darts and such are coded by rockstar in .ysc scripts and as I said there's no way to edit them, technically someone could script darts from scratch but is it worth the trouble?

    Shaundi Ped was broken, I admit I barely spent any time with rigging, infact I spent none since I just put it into 3ds max and exported

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