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Reticle Completely Gone

  • The title says it, my reticle is gone. I've tried reinstalling and playing with no MOD folder. I've tried going into the frontend file and change the parameters correlating to the reticle, as well as using the reticle disabler script. Nothing is working.

    Does anyone know of a solution or have a copy of a working frontend file?

  • @ItsYaBoi
    Never heard of it sticking through a reinstall before?! Did you use a new folder location when you reinstalled? That would be best, as it can avoid corrupted registry settings to some degree.
    Perhaps try going into the menu settings & checking the reticle is set to visible, Weapon Target is set correctly & then perhaps try switching the HUD off and on again. That's one fix for a temporary missing reticle (on PS3 anyway).
    Revert your changes to the frontend file & remove the reticle disabler script while you diagnose this.

    Open this/these file/s with OpenIV & make sure the various reticles are present & visible:



    Search your C: drive for 'pc_settings.bin' & 'cfg.dat' (they should be in the same folder). Make a backup of them & then delete them (new ones will be created on starting game).

    Try loading a different save if you have one/start a new game (to eliminate something sticking in a corrupted save file etc).

    Bit of a weird one I have to say :slight_frown: Let me know how you get on with that^ anyway :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Reticle Completely Gone:

    I was able to fix it, I may have used the reticle hider in the NVR optional files folder. Then I went into frontend and changed the settings arround. Now its back.

  • @ItsYaBoi
    Ah, NVR has a reticle hider. I'll remember that. Glad you got it fixed bud :thumbsup:

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