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[SCRIPT] Extended Human Needs mod

  • Hello modmagicians.
    I have a request, not sure how complicated it would be, but it would be a gamechanger for me.

    I would like to have a mod almost identical to Human Needs by marcs742. But I would like the ability to add new places as restaurants and bars easy as the Savehouse mod. Though interiors aren't necessary, just a nice scenic view from outside while the time fast forwards maybe 30m-1hour would be awesome enough!
    That way, the mod creator wouldn't have to find every diner and restaurant to add them in. It would give us the platform to do it and we could add as many as we'd like.

    Being able to change/set prices for different types of food would be great too. Since a burger from Burgershot wouldn't cost as much as a steak from maybe the UFO restaurant, and so on.
    Maybe also add some kind of Water need?

    Sometimes I just want to stroll downtown to find myself a nice restaurant to eat at. Maybe shop some new clothes, get a haircut and watch a movie, and just enjoy the beautiful sight of the Los Santos night.

    Thanks in advance!

  • BUMP.

  • BUMP once again..

  • Necromantic bump.
    Is this really that uninteresting for any mod maker?

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