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Please help self radio is gone now!

  • Self radio was working great but after installing gta remastered mod, self radio dosent appear anymore. maybe i delete something?

  • @robinpup Maybe the mod you installed right before it quit showing up has something to do with your issue.

  • It's definitely NOT related to this mod, there is no way for a map mod to touch something else than map

  • @robinpup
    Do you mean vanilla Self Radio or the Self Radio mod by @jedijosh920?
    If it's jedijosh920's mod try running it with NativeUI v1.7 installed :thumbsup:

    Note: With v1.7 installed any mods you have installed that explicitly require NativeUI v1.8 or 1.9 functionality may break slightly/completely/do weird things etc. You won't damage them by doing it. It just means you will have to hop between NativeUI versions depending on what you want to use at any given time, at least until Self Radio is updated. :thumbsup:

  • vanilla self radio, by the way im using windows 10!

  • @robinpup
    Just to clarify. What do you mean exactly when you say "dosent appear anymore"? You can't select it as it doesn't show up or it doesn't work when you do? Thanks.

    A few ideas:

    • Make sure it's not switched off in any trainer that you use.
    • Do you have cloud saves enabled? If so, switch them off (instructions here) & see if Self Radio reappears? (Yes, that has happened to some. Rule it out if you have Cloud Saves ON :thumbsup:).
    • Make sure there are more than 4 or 5 songs in the 'User Music' folder here:

    Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music

    Note: If you don't know already, it's also advised to use shortcuts to files or folders rather than the actual '.mp3' etc files in your self radio 'User Music' folder (for performance reasons). Perhaps change your files/folders to shortcuts or try different files to see if any are detected. Also try removing the music files > load game > scan for user music > exit game > place music back in User Music > start game > rescan.

    • Make sure the names of your songs don't have a dash ' - ' (or other unusual/special characters) in them.
    • Do you have One Drive installed? It can interfere with the My Documents folder location thus moving the User Music folder. Search you computer for GTA V's 'settings.xml' & make sure the 'User Music' folder is in the same folder as that.
    • Do you have 'usertracks.db' & 'usertracks.dbs' files here?:

    C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music

    If so, perhaps backup the two files & then delete them & then rescan for music ingame.

    • Make sure your files do not have any DRM in them (like if they are from iTunes etc).
    • If using 320kbps mp3's, try some with a lower bitrate (256kbps, for example).
    • Forget about it & use the Self Radio mod I linked to in my previous post. Your framerate will thank you :thumbsup: (some people get reduced framerate/slowdown with vanilla Self Radio (especially when they have lots of songs)).

  • i tried everything, uninstall one drive, uninstall grove music, i dont have any trainer, i just have installed natural vision and a few textures like vegetation. i just cheked the folders and all my music is in the correct location. but when y choose scan for music nothing happens, self radio dosen't apear in the radio station selection.

  • @robinpup

    Make sure you have 'patchday3ng' installed, that it contains this folder 'patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\audio\sfx\dlc_radio_19_user' & that you have it's line:


    in 'dlclist.xml' :thumbsup:

    As a quick test it might be an idea to try a vanilla 'update.rpf' & 'patchday3ng' 'dlc.rpf' in the 'mods' folder (make backups of your modded ones first). :thumbsup:

    If you are not using a 'mods' folder & there is any hint of damage to the game folder files your best option may just be to reinstall the game.

    When you perform a Full Scan (don't use quick scan for now) in-game it doesn't tell you it has detected any tracks, correct? That sounds like either your files are in the wrong place (possible folder redirection/Environmental variables moving the 'Documents' folder etc) or the game is looking in the wrong place for them/broken.

    Try putting your music here:

    Onedrive/Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V/User Music (if that's your now old OneDrive folder structure? If not, edit accordingly. Even though you have uninstalled OneDrive it may still be active & redirecting).

    Also (just to rule it out), try putting your '.mp3's here (remove them after):

    C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music\ ('%USERNAME%' = Your Windows Username)

    Conversely, if you have '.mp3's placed in there already, remove them.

    Also, can you confirm if the AppData User Music folder exists & contains the 'usertracks.db' & 'usertracks.dbs' files? They are created on game start-up if they don't exist but will be 0kb fies until they find music to add to the database.

    Removing OneDrive Environmental Variables:
    Double-check that the one-drive folder redirection is not still active in Windows 'Enviromental Variables':

    Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced tab > [Environment Variables] (Button, bottom right)

    Click on any OneDrive path/s (if they exist) & then click the Delete button. When finished click OK.

    Logout & login or restart your PC for the change to take effect.

    Have a read over Disable or Uninstall OneDrive Completely in Windows 10 & 'How to Remove OneDrive Completely From Windows 10' & see if anything pops out at you :thumbsup:.

    Other Questions/Ideas:

    • Anything else changed in-between Self Radio working & it not appearing? Reinstall Windows/installed any other software? Updated game?
    • It's possible for any mod to corrupt any '.rpf' archive it edits & stop something working. Got any backups you could try & see if they make any difference?
    • Are you using a 'mods' folder? Have you tried disabling mods & checking to see if Self Radio works with just the vanilla game loading?

    I'll conduct some more research & see if I can find anything else :thumbsup:

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