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Crash while getting into vehicle

  • Hi guys, would appreciate any insight on this SOOOO MUCH!
    I had this the first time I was playing through GTA V SP too, many years later now but the same annoying crash :(
    I think it must be a mod I used since those days, it's always when trying to enter a vehicle and seems to happen much more likely if I am Wanted. So I assumed Crime police rebalance enhancement mod was culprit but I removed that now and still persists.

    I have not too many mods, here is the list of those which have been the whole time while the bug was there, if you know any of these to cause this crash PLEASE let me know !

    • SPA
    • Premium delxe motorsport x2 (one for sell one for buy)
    • Sit Anywhere
    • Low Life Crime
    • TrainerV
    • Crime & Police Rebalance Enhancement (removed, I think)

    Alternatively if you know which file could have errors to cause this, that's even better!
    I'm pretty sure it's not a script mod at all, but some erroneous value or wrong version in a police/wanted related file, I think I removed them all from CPRE, but still crash so...


  • @VoxR
    The way I would approach a problem like that is I would remove all scripts & then test the game & if the crash was still there I would then proceed (leaving the scripts disabled for now) to default each '.rpf' archive back to vanilla one by one. After that, I might try disabling all dlc by making 'dlclist.xml'(...\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml) look like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Make backups of 'dlclist.xml & each modded '.rpf' archive (one at a time if you don't have much hard drive space) before defaulting them back to vanilla. Start with 'update.rpf' & 'common.rpf' & then move selectively through the rest ('x64a>w') looking to see if any of them fix it.
    Your game will still function perfectly for the most part (GTA V is very modular), just perhaps with some modded things missing at times. If you find a culprit '.rpf' you then use the same process inside the archive to narrow down what might be causing the problem or start again with the vanilla archive as your base & reinstall what is missing one bit at a time, testing inbetween to make sure you don't reintroduce the crash.

    You can always compare the vanilla archive to your modded backup if you are not sure what has been edited. Data files lose their Encrypted attribute when they have been modded. Easy to spot in OpenIV. :thumbsup:

    Encrypted Attribute

    You are only really dealing with 25 or so archives once you disable the dlc's using 'dlclist.xml' so even if you take your time it shouldn't take that long & as long as you have your backup/s you are safe to return to where you are now at any point :thumbsup:
    It's not as scary a prospect as it may initially sound. Keep a '.txt' document of what you have done & where you are in the process to rule missing anything out & you'll get it done no problem.
    If the crash is intermittent & you can't make it happen very easily then it may take a little longer so it might also be worth seeing if you can initially find a way to make the game crash in a predictable manner soon after it is loaded up. That'll cut the overall time needed to get through each archive down by quite a bit. Best of luck. Any questions/problems give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • Hi! Thanks so much for the reply, very thorough :)
    That last part is especially a good idea, but I actually don't think I can replicate it easily at all. It's not every time I get into a car and it's not every time I'm wanted and do it either.
    I heard a suggestion about AutoScan For Music which I had high hopes for but that didn't get it either.

    Sadly, the prospect of troubleshooting this in the way you described is just too tedious for me - I kinda started this thread to try to avoid that xD
    If nobody has suggestions as to the file responsible I'll just keep saving every few minutes I think but I may eventually snap and refer to your guide here :))
    Thanks again

  • @VoxR
    When you removed Crime & Police Rebalance Enhancement did you revert the 'vehicles.meta' here to vanilla:


    That's the first file I would try, but you also need to revert to vanilla in 'update.rpf':

    • 'combatbehaviour.meta'
    • 'dispatch.meta'
    • 'dispatchtuning.ymt'
    • 'loadouts.meta'
    • & 'popcycle.dat'

    You also want to delete/completely remove from 'update.rpf':

    • 'pedperception.meta'
    • 'navcapabilities.meta'
    • 'crimeinformation.meta'
    • 'crimes.meta'
    • 'pedaccuracy.meta'
    • 'generaltasks.ymt'
    • & finally 'wantedtuning.ymt'

    If you installed any of the optional extras you want to delete/remove them from 'update.rpf' as well:

    • 'pedcomponentsets.meta'
    • 'agitatedtriggers.meta'

    That should be a complete uninstall of CPRE :thumbsup:

    In OpenIV you can use Ctrl+F3 (OpenIV > 'Tools' tab > 'Search') to search for the files & double-check their locations :thumbsup:

    Also, which version of Single Player Apartment are you using? Single Player Apartment [Deprecated] or SinglePlayerApartment with Offices? If it's Single Player Apartment [Deprecated] I would definitely remove it while you diagnose this issue.
    So in short, your most likely candidates for the crash are CPRE files & SPA [Deprecated]. Concentrate on them first & see where that gets you :thumbsup:

    Simple Way to Confirm/Eliminate SPA [Deprecated] or update.rpf issue:

    • Remove 'Single Player Apartment [Deprecated]' (if installed) from scripts folder.
    • Make backup of 'update.rpf'.
    • Revert 'update.rpf' to vanilla & play for a day (or however long it takes to be confident the crash is gone)

    Let me know how you get on if you try any of this anyway. Best of luck :thumbsup:

  • It could be the GTA bypass launcher? If you have it installed.

  • The only one of those I'm not sure about is vehicles.meta, good suggestion , thanks !!

    Bypass launcher can cause this?? That may well be it!?
    can use normal launcher, but I'm scared it will update at some point and break everything.. is there a great option to solve that or is it the hacky things I read already - keeping a backup copy of the entire folder and such?

  • @VoxR
    I use No GTAVLauncher 2.0 & it has never caused me any trouble :thumbsup:

    The CPRE 'vehicles.meta' that comes with the CPRE download is missing a heap of the flags that some of the vehicles updated since 2016 need & has been known to cause crashes related to normal vehicles but mostly dispatch vehicles. Sounds a lot like what you describe :thumbsup:


    Any launcher bypass (except those that only fake the versioning data) will cause a crash when entering a vehicle after you've gone into cover once.
    Seems to be some weird anti-piracy shit, never really looked into it.

  • @Unknown-Modder
    Good to know :thumbsup:. I'll stick with what I've got then (ain't broke, don't fix it), as I've worked hard making my game super stable. Haven't had a crash in over a year or something, maybe longer, & I play just about every day :thumbsup:

  • @Unknown-Modder Do you know which of the available bypass methods Does only fake versioning data? I keep a seperate copy for GTAO so I think that's all I need !

    @a63nt-5m1th Do you use the ASI version or the EXE ?

    Playing without Launcher Bypass ASI seems, so far, to have fixed it. I will continue this way if can't get a perfect bypass going.
    My helpful friend here, Agent Smith: can you tell me what I need to back up to ensure new updates from the official launcher don't destroy my modded copy ? :)

  • @VoxR
    The '.asi' version :thumbsup:
    I can only talk for myself but I've never had a single crash related to it (been using it for ages & it was over a year ago the last time GTA V crashed on me. In & out of cover, driving all the time, no crash :thumbsup:).
    If you are using a 'mods' folder you should be 100% safe (<that's the best way :thumbsup:). As you appear to be separating modded & online by having 2 copies of the game you'll need to tell me exactly how you are doing that for me to be able to help.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    I am using a mods folder And I just simply keep 2 copies of the root folder. Had the space to spare... might just delete online infact. What a dogpile they made of potentially the best online game ever.. nobody with brain cells to rub together wants anything to do with it xD

    But wouldn't at the least an update overwrite the executable, breaking scripthook and such ? So that's one thing I'd need to back up right, just thinking what other files can be irreversibly modified by update, that isn't covered by mods folder ?

  • @VoxR
    You're '.exe's are about it to be honest.
    I don't play online, just couldn't stand the kiddie car handling (+1 on the dogpile statement), & haven't updated my game in years so I'm not the best person to ask. I think you're safe but ask a few other online users just to be sure (if no-one else confirms in this thread etc) :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I wondered if you had updated lately, maybe the bypass we were using isn't adapted for newer patches smh as I'm on whatever is the latest (arena wars?)

    Think you might be right, after the executables anything else would probably be backward compatible huh, and just have unused new assets which my backup executables wouldnt call for... hmm. Thanks a million brother !
    Btw maybe check out my mods as we seem somewhat similar , you might like them :)

  • @VoxR
    Yeah, I haven't updated in years (2017 or something). Did it once & was like "F**k that! What have you done to my mods?!" Never again. Too much work. Too much doubt. "Is my game the same?! It feels different. "That, wasn't there before?! Was it?" I'll build my own dlc's thanks. The only thing I miss is new engine sounds but I can live without that.
    You wanna avoid thon OpenIV "Do not forget to copy new version of update.rpf into your "mods" folder" (worth researching that) so you have to update your '.rpf's thing (& have to reinstall your mods in "mods" folder if moving to new version) but I'm pretty sure that is just an '.exe' version check (& covered by your '.exe' backup. ie drop you '.exe' backups back in & it shouldn't show up & you should be good to play the modded version :thumbsup:).
    There is a 2 year old post (user not online for 2 yrs so you won't be able to contact him) here that mentions using batch files to rename folders (Steam install) & keep them separate which might be worth looking into.
    You also want to have a read of this thread where I outline a way of using '.reg' (Windows Registry files) to hop between 2 different installs of the game. Much like the batch file way, it's a simple double-click of a file before playing (no computer restart required) to swap between versions. That's the way I would probably do it if I played online. Just don't go online with your modded one by accident. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Registry method sounds nice! I hate hacky batch files with copy and rename commands xD
    I know what you mean about updates too. Fuck updates. No thx R*, you can keep your increasingly ridiculous and contrived war-machines, they have no place in my GTA anyway :<

    Thanks once again my dude ! Feel free to add me in steam if you ever wanted to swap advice, play fivem or anything ^^

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