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enhanced native trainer doesnt pop up

  • i used it alot and couple days ago i was load into the game pressed RB+Y but nothing pops up tried F4 Nope,
    and it said ENT is ready i dont know how to fix i deleted the hole game reinstalled it still same problem

    does anybody have any sollutions thanks

  • @thehuntingwolf5
    Make sure you have the latest version of ENT installed (it should work either way but you probably want 'Update 40 - bugfix update 5' as it has some cool new stuff (vehicle weapons etc. Note: setting vehicle weapons to a weapon that you do not have installed in your game will crash the trainer, meaning the menu will not open until game is restarted. You don't need more of that :slight_smile:).

    Double-check you have all of the ENT requirements installed correctly & none of them are blocked by Windows (right-click file > 'Properties' > '[Unblock]')

    Install instructions (copied from 'ENT_Readme.rtf'):

    • Make sure your copy of GTA is fully up to date(!)
    • Download the scripthook from: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
    • Open the zip file, and inside the "bin" folder is the scripthook files you need.
    • Copy or move the 2 .dll files (ScripthookV.dll and dinput8.dll) to the ROOT of your GTA game folder (with the .exe)
    • Copy BOTH the "ent-config.xml" and "Enhanced Native Trainer.asi" to the same folder as the scripthook (where 'GTA5.exe' is) and launch GTA.
    • Press F4, or RB + Y in-game (default bind. Can change in the config) to open.

    Scripthook Requirements:
    Make sure you have both the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher, so skip this on Windows 10) and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64) installed.

    Make sure OpenIV plugins are installed. OpenIV > 'Tools' tab > 'ASI Manager' > & make it look like this:

    ASI Manager

    If you are still having trouble then make a backup of the ENT database file (ENT settings etc) here:

    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer\ent.db

    Delete the 'GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer' folder (including 'ent.db') & then start the game. A new default 'ent.db' file will be created. Revert using your backup if it makes no difference &/or you have settings in there that you want to keep etc.

    Perhaps try with default 'ent-config.xml' if you haven't already.

    Make sure you don't have two separate copies of GTA 5 installed as this can stop scripthook from functioning if your Windows registry is pointing to your vanilla install & you are trying to use a second modded install.

    That's what I can think of quickly anyway. Let me know how you get on :thumbsup:

  • i have installed everything correctly but where do you see unblock option

  • @thehuntingwolf5
    You right-click on the downloaded file/s ('Scripthook.dll' etc for example) in Windows > select 'Properties' > & then at the bottom of the 'General' tab you hit the '[Unblock]' button > 'OK' :thumbsup:


    Not all files you download are blocked but often files created on another computer are & you need to Unblock them so they have no restrictions on your PC & can work correctly. If there is no [Unblock] button then in most cases the file is already unblocked & unrestricted & you don't have to worry about it :thumbsup:
    Tip: If you download files in an archive ('.zip'/.rar/.7zip' etc) & unblock it. All the files contained in the archive will be automatically unblocked also.
    Don't do it with files you don't trust or have doubts about as it's there as a security precaution but in this case it is totally safe :thumbsup:.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thehuntingwolf5
    Was just editing my previous post to include that :thumbsup:

    @a63nt-5m1th said in enhanced native trainer doesnt pop up:

    If there is no [Unblock] button then in most cases the file is already unblocked & unrestricted & you don't have to worry about it :thumbsup:

  • i unblocked everything that i needed for modding but still does the same ENT is ready f4 and RB+Y doesnt work

  • @thehuntingwolf5
    Have you tried a default 'ent-config.xml' & resetting the ENT database ('ent.db') yet?

    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer\ent.db

  • that doesnt pop on my screen only users but then NO USERNAME. can you send me a default ent-config.xml
    am i the only one that has this problem because before the update it was working fine

  • @thehuntingwolf5
    USERNAME = Whatever your Windows User Account name is :thumbsup:

    C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME HERE\AppData\Roaming\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer\ent.db

    The default 'ent-config.xml' can be found in the default ENT download here :thumbsup:

    If the 'AppData' folder isn't visible (Win 7):

    • Once you are in your user account folder (where My Documents/My Music/My Videos etc is) you can get the 'AppData' folder to appear by clicking the 'Tools' tab > 'Folder Options' > 'View' tab & then making sure 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives' has a blue dot to the left of it & then hit '[OK]'

    • The 'AppData' folder should then appear slightly translucent :thumbsup:

    • Double-click 'AppData' & go to > Roaming > GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer to find the ''ent.db' (if your having trouble try using Windows Search to look on your C: drive for 'ent.db' or check out the Windows 7 instructions at the bottom of the page in the link below). :thumbsup:

    If there is no Menu bar (File Edit View Tools Help) with a 'Tools' tab, hit the '[Organise]' button (top rightish) & then select 'Layout >' & make sure 'Menu Bar' is ticked :thumbsup:

    If the 'AppData' folder isn't visible (Win 8/10):

    • Have a read of this page starting at the point where it says "Windows" & follow the instructions from that point.
    • There are also instructions for Windows 7 further down the page if you have trouble with how I have explained it above :thumbsup:

  • i found the ENT.DB but how do i reset it like you sad

  • @thehuntingwolf5
    Well done :slight_smile: Good job :thumbsup:

    You can make a backup of 'ent.db' by zipping it up or just grab the file & move it to your Desktop.

    If you move the 'ent.db' to your Desktop the 'GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer' folder should now be empty.

    To zip 'ent.db':

    Right-click ''ent.db' > 'Send to' > 'Compressed (zipped) folder' (an 'ent.zip' should then be created in the same folder).

    You then delete ''ent.db' to Recycle Bin as normal.

    Leave the 'GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer' folder open for the moment & load up GTA V to see if you can open the ENT menu.

    After you exit the game you should see a new ''ent.db' has appeared in the 'GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer' folder you left open earlier.

    See how you get on with that & get back to me :thumbsup:

  • dude it works FInally im gonna give you a 5 star rating for youre amazing support

    TNX bro, peace

  • @thehuntingwolf5
    Nice one! :slight_smile: :thumbsup: My money was on the 'ent.db' file, cheers for letting me know :thumbsup:

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