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Which of these mods is the most likely cause of crashing?

  • I've added a few mods to GTA V and not really played it loads since. WHen I now give it a go, It seems to keep crashing after 5 or 10 minutes, so I'm wondering if any of these are known to cause crashing, before I uninstall each one by one and see what fixes it!

    I've installed:
    Family Friendly Free Roaming
    Mega Car Pack (310 vehicles) v.3.2
    Natural Vision Remastered (Tried Redux but it crashed without even loading)

    Any of these known to be causing it? What's the simplest way of disabling a mod? Can I rename the sub folder within the mods folder, or rename a file or something, rather than completely removing the whole mods folder?

    The PC is an i7 4xxx with 16GB ram and a GTX 1070. I think it's running a little low on space, maybe only 4GB left, if that's likely to cause issues?

    Also, I've edited the family friendly ini file to a zero where it says 'activate=-1' but it's still active. What am I doing wrong there? When my kids aren't playing I'd quite like to have my game back!

  • @b3nb123 bypass launcher is the problem. If you have it installed.

  • I don't think I have Bypass Launcher, unless it's a default part of something else I installed. Like I say, Redux wouldn't even let the game launch, now with Natural Vision I can play, but it crashes after 5 or 10 minutes.


    install a gameconfig from this website

  • @b3nb123
    Is there any error message when it crashes?

    'Mega Car Pack (310 vehicles) v.3.2' -
    If you're getting a "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" error when it crashes then I would say 'Mega Car Pack (310 vehicles) v.3.2' is the culprit :thumbsup: Even if not, it's my favourite to be the one causing the crashes.

    Family Friendly Free Roaming -
    This can be uninstalled simply by moving the 'FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming 2.6.1.asi' to a different location on your PC (Desktop etc).

    Natural Vision Remastered -
    Normally I would say NVR wouldn't cause this but it's got quite convoluted with what's been added to it recently so I can't rule it out.

    For NVR there is a 'UNINSTALL - NaturalVision Remastered.oiv' in the download here:

    ...NaturalVision Remastered by Razed\Optional Add-Ons\20. NaturalVision Uninstaller

    Note: The 'UNINSTALL - NaturalVision Remastered.oiv' will take your files back to vanilla. Not what you had previous to installing it. You would need to use a backup to get back to what you had before installing if you had edited any of the files it changes.
    To uninstall manually (from backup etc) you would only have to reset 'update.rpf' & 'common.rpf' to what you have in the backup & then remove any Reshade etc or Optionals you installed :thumbsup:

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