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Updated author rules and regulations


    Updated author rules and regulations

    We have noticed an increase in uploads that use third-party resources without proper credits, so this update to the existing rules has been made to emphasise and summarize what GTA5-Mods expects from authors.

    These rules are in addition to the existing community guidelines, rules on the upload and report prompts, as well as the site F.A.Q.

    Descriptions and screenshots

    A mod description should be complete and understandable by everybody. It needs to have at least the following information in order to be accepted:

    • The description in English. Additional languages are allowed.
    • A summary of what the mod is, does and/or changes.
    • Known bugs a user can expect should be mentioned.
    • Installation instructions should be provided.
    • Dependencies to other mods and tools should be mentioned.
    • When using third-party resources, the original authors must be credited.
    • When using third-party resources, the original resources must be linked.

    Try to format your description nicely with the allowed HTML tags.

    An example of proper credits and linking:

    Original model: <a href="https://link-to-original-model/">Vehicle Name by Author</a> (Permission given to modify)

    This overview is not exhaustive and depending on contents of your mod, moderators can ask you to provide additional relevant information.


    Your uploads main image must be an in-game screenshot or otherwise representative image of your upload.

    Exceptions apply when its effects can not be captured in a screenshot or represented with a render. In this case, you are free to use other material as long as it depicts or represents your mod.

    Screenshots of objects like vehicles, paintjobs, weapons and peds must be well-lit.

    Credits, Permissions and copyright

    Using third-party content is allowed if the original author is credited and their terms or license on their works are complied with. When reaching an agreement, please make this clear in your description as any uncertainty might result in a rejection of your submission.

    • Re-releases: You may not re-release an existing release from GTA5-Mods, unless the original author has given you permission. If you have made a change to their mod, prefer contacting them to add your changes to their existing upload. This includes mod packs.
    • Copyrighted media: You may not upload copyrighted media, unless you have permission from the rightholders. (E.g. an album of a popular artist uploaded as "loading music")
    • Dependencies: You may not include third-party libraries in your upload when they are regularly updated outside of your mod, as this could affect compatibility of other mods. (E.g. ScriptHookV and NativeUI)


    We want everyone to create mods and release them for others to use and learn.
    However, we do expect you to follow some quality guidelines.

    • Presentation: Your upload needs to have a representative image/screenshot and a good description.
    • Tutorials: Content generated from a tutorial or tool is not allowed, unless you have modified them substantially.
    • Stability: Bugs are expected. Try to thoroughly test your mod before releasing it.

    User interaction and behavior

    It's important that you interact with users in your comments, however, make sure to follow the community guidelines.

    We encourage constructive criticism. Criticism and ratings without constructive feedback are not tolerated and will be removed.

    If you notice an offending upload or comment, report the offending upload or comment and do not reply to the comment. Replying only makes it worse.

    Stolen mods or mod content

    If you notice your or someone elses content is being shared without permission, report the offending mod with

    • proof the content belongs to you or the original author. (E.g. side-by-side comparisons of models/textures)
    • note of the specific assets shared without permission. (E.g. a specific model or texture file name)

    Moderators need as much information as possible to judge fairly and quickly. Unless sufficient information is provided, moderators can not perform any action.

    If possible, try to diffuse the situation yourself by politely requesting the author to fix shortcomings, as mistakes can be made and credits can be forgotten.


    The moderation team has the right to remove, reject and edit uploads, comments, reports and forum posts at any time. For a rejected mod upload, if you do not agree with a decision, discuss this in the comment section of your upload.

    For comments, reports and forum posts, if you do not agree with a decision, create a thread in Site-related Questions & Feedback for clarification and/or discussion.

    If you have doubts about these rules or need clarification, please create a thread in Site-related Questions & Feedback.

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