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  • Not really unless maps are close to each other

  • @HeySlickThatsMe just wondered after install space mod lol

  • @LDF Grand Theft Space only makes you think its far away, but in reality its not, its clever way of doing it, but it wouldn't work with few cities, well, unless you want to have bunch of cities like Liberty City that is just an island, and Los Santos being island aswell (This is an example)

  • @LDF Possible: Yes, Doable: No (requires skilled people in 3D optimization and lots of freetime to invest).

  • @LDF its not big of a map as one would expect seeing it depicts all the world. but all in all it has like 20 big cities. so 20x the gta san andrease size.

    if there are lots of people with free time or a motivation of money etc. this is possible yes not impossible at all. for a mod.
    game studios would rather invest in something realistic as this is too small even if u put country of united states in perspective.

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