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d3d11.dll from any enb make my game not launching crashes in the launcher

  • hello there everyone for good amout of time ive been able to runs severals nice ENB mods on my pc however now i cant make any enb work at all on my gta v one things i know is that d3d11.dll make my game dont want to lauch at all and stuck in the laucher getting this message link text like my game is correctely intalled (by the way my game is in frensh cuz i am) if any of u guys had this kida problems i'll be glad to read some of your fixes thank you

    GTX 970 EVGA overclocked edition
    i7- 2600 3.40 GHz
    12Go of rdd3
    and about 1.5 To of hard drive space

  • proxy settings. research adn look into proxy settings of enb .ini config file.

  • @FoxtrotDelta do u mind if you explain to me with bit more details beacus im not a pro at configuring enb stuff

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