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Any custom Ymap causes crash during loading! Help?

  • Okay so the only mods Im running are:
    Overhauled trains
    LA Billboards
    Sit anywhere

    I added a custom_maps folder following the install notes and a video for ME2YM. With the custom maps folder empty, the game loads as usual. If I add ANY ymap, incliding the demo with the mod, my game crashes to the desktop during loading. No error box no error sound. Now, if I remove the custom ymap, so the folder is empty again, my game will STILL crash on loading. So next I remove the dlc entry for the custom maps folder, and NOW my game loads again as normal. If I add the dlc for the custom maps folder again, it will still load properly again. But then if I add any custom ymap, the cycle begins again. Any ideas? Or do you need more than just the _citye folder in the custom maps rpf? I noticed that most maps are seperated by area or zone I guess. I dont know as Im not seeing anyone else having this problem with it. Its not a huge deal. I added some bus benches around some really pretty train watching areas in the game to use with the sitting mod and overhauled trains. I can use them with map editor but the game gets a little laggy and more prone to memory crashing. So I was just trying to be efficient lol. I hear that Menyoo is better than map editor for this, but if I install menyoo, even if Im not using anything in it, my game crashes if the player gets hurt or even trips. So I cannot use it unfortunatly.I have tried Menyoo even as the ONLY mod on a clean install, and its the same for me. Every version going back to 2016 I think. My copy of GTA is legit, its the only instance installed, I do not play online at all with it ever, I do not do any FiveM or anything like that ever. My map Im trying to get working is nothing but like 8 bench placements and 2 bus stop placements. No peds, nothing dynamic, no vehicles. And again I have tried many ymaps from here as well that seem to work for anyone else.
    Thanks everyone, sorry about the book.

  • I have the same issue with custom_maps, my game loads fine but when I drive into certain areas in the game with an vehicle, my game crashes. I removed everything out of my custom maps folder including the _citye and it ran fine, I only added paticular ymaps and it runs ok but I still crash in certain areas. I wish I knew how to fix the issue.

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