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Zmodeler3 link/attach problem, need advise please.

  • Hello everyone I have a (probably) simple problem I need help with. Im an old GTA:SA modder. I used to scratch build cars, bikes, planes, building and map objects, you name it. I even give long and detailed tuts on my YouTube channel..... using 3ds max. Now Im haveing to use zmodeler... and no offence, but I hate it now as much as I did back when I used to use Max instead. Doing exactly what I used to do in max is NOT having the same outcome in ZM3.

    I have a trailer for trucks that supports livery. I have the vanilla "freightcar" models.
    I load the trailer. I unlink the doors and the bodyshell (the box only).
    I delete the trailer now so that only the box and its doors remain.
    I next attach the doors to the box making it all just one object.
    I change its name to truckbody.
    I now load the vanilla freightcar.
    I select and position the box where I want it.
    I move truckbody into the heirarchy but do not attach it to anything else.
    I export and then repeat using the _hi version of each model.

    Loading the game I can spawn my models and they will also appear on the trains if added to trains.xml
    The livery works just fine. The game is not crashing or acting unstable. No memory crash and I have sat watching these trains pass for hours. Literally.

    The PROBLEM, is that even NOT attached, the textures for the trailer box are also covering the freight car. Attached or not attached inZM3 this happens. Also, at distance, just the doors dissapear. WTF?! I hate to come on here looking like a f@cking noob asking for something so simple, but Im doing exactly what I always did in Max that is how I was taught in college. But its not working. Im sure its something different that is specific to either GTA5 or ZM3 that I do not know how to do yet on this program. ANy help? Im trying to learn and like ZM3 but such dramatic differences on a SIMPLE process is making me think twice about renewing my license to it. YouTUbe has ZERO help. Just mostly the same stuff on LSP-whatever lights attaching annoying music with no real explanation and very frustrating poor typing examples. Can someone here who ACTUALLY knows this program help me out? Thanks all, This is just honestly embarrasing. Going from years of feeling pro to not being able to do a simple attachment mod.

  • @Foxunitone Eventually an expert car modder will respond, but ask the owner of ZM3 Oleg for help.

    Honestly those tutorials on YouTube barely help at all, especially for ped rigging.

    When I was a beginner, I had no knowledge of ZM at all. Watching those ped rigging tutorials for ZM wasn’t helpful to me until I asked 100 questions to Oleg on how the whole program and the process of ped rigging works. I’m glad he wasn’t mad at me for constantly bugging him, but in the end it was worth it.

    So yea shoot some questions at him and he’ll help you for sure, unless again a car modder shows up here and gives you the answer to your problem.

    Good luck!

  • @MegaDeveloper Thanks for the reply! Yeah on the ZM forum he helped me with a few of my model issues so far. It appears that whats causing me problems is trying to handle materials and textures the '3ds max way'. On max theres a fantastic option when linking or attaching that allows you to keep materials and textures from 'sharing'. Which prevents my current problem from happening. So now Im learning the ZM uv mapping method on some zm forum tuts. But I sure do hope a pro will be able to help me faster. I can even share my files if someone wants to take a shot at seeing what I did wrong.

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