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Water Wave Render Distance?

  • Hi all!
    It's about the last thing on my list of "MUST CHANGE IT!" things about GTA V. I've scoured through many files without luck, does anyone know a setting or value which determines how far away waves will be rendered into water ?
    Let's make it 3x as far and enjoy really nice sea views! :)

  • Nobody knows about ocean waves distance?
    Any effects distances file, anything? :)

  • @VoxR
    Did a few tests with 'water.xml' myself but didn't find anything of great use. Have a read of this tutorial concerning 'water.xml'. Also, might be worth checking out Simple Water Editor :thumbsup:

    Tip: Use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for things by name ('water' for example), you may find other files to play around with :thumbsup:

    Just so you know, there are also ocean & wave values in 'weather.xml', although more to do with amplitude than distance:

        <OceanBumpiness value="0.250000" />
        <DeepOceanScale value="1.00000" />
        <OceanNoiseMinAmplitude value="5.00000" />
        <OceanWaveAmplitude value="0.500000" />
        <ShoreWaveAmplitude value="1.800000" />
        <OceanWaveWindScale value="0.700000" />
        <ShoreWaveWindScale value="0.700000" />
        <OceanWaveMinAmplitude value="0.000000" />
        <ShoreWaveMinAmplitude value="0.000000" />
        <OceanWaveMaxAmplitude value="0.500000" />
        <ShoreWaveMaxAmplitude value="1.500000" />

    I'd say your best bet of increasing distance would be the Simple Water Editor as most of what I have mentioned I have played about with before & never seen any shore like waves outside of their usual quads. Simple Water Editor may allow you to create your own quads further out etc (I've not used it so not sure tho). Hope you figure out anyway (let me know if you do) :thumbsup:

  • Damn ! So they're coded into the map? But still, somewhere must be a setting which controls how many of the quads are visible at a time ?

  • @VoxR
    I think there are just quads of 'shore waves' surrounding the land only one, maybe 2 (in certain areas) deep & then you are in deep ocean with just a sort of swell rather than any real waves.
    It's just a guess, but I reckon you need to be looking at some way to create your own 'shore wave' quads further out than the vanilla ones or finding some way to get the deep ocean to imitate them.
    Simple Water Editor looks promising from the pics but as mentioned, I've never used it.
    Perhaps contacting authors of the various Tsunami mods might allow them to point you in the right direction. A few of them seem to have waves all over the place, not just restricted to shoreline etc.

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