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Game crash on load up after manually installing the Import Export DLC

  • So i installed import export dlc for the vehicles, then i installed the gunrunning, smugglers run and doomsday heist dlc. the game then crashed on the loading screen. So i deleted these 3 dlc so i was just left with the Import and Export DLC, which before the other 3 dlc worked just fine, but when i started the game i first got a control error, so i had to reconfigure the controls for some stupid reason, but then when i was done with that it started loading and crashed everytime i load the game. Please help!


    Why would you install these dlcpacks which came with an update? Only if you're using a pirated version. And we do not support piracy.

  • @StritziPower Try removing the DLC entries in the dlc list that are related to the mods and the one that had just been working. See if your game starts. If it does, then you can exit and re-add only the dlc list entry for the one that worked before. My game crashes if I add certain dlc entries for some reason and that works for me.

    @ReNNie I'm sure a lot of people pirate, but not everyone. Myself and many others run old versions of the game for compatibility with otherwise outdated mods. But that doesn't mean we don't want some of the newer DLC content. I never play online because of my mods, so I for one wouldn't ruin my good stable copy just to be able to play online.

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