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Replace modded files but vanilla files still show...

  • Hello. I'm making a hair pack for Freemode ped and everything's fine except for two models that don't change. I'm using "mpgunrunning" for this since it has a duplicate of the vanilla hair models, so I can have both vanilla and modded files at the same time. The only problem is that "hair_019_u" and "hair_020_u" don't show after installing and booting the game.

    All modded files are there ("hair_000_u" through "hair_038_u"), only those two remain unchanged. Any ideas why? It seems weird that all files change except for two. It's the hairstyles from the "I'm not a Hipster" DLC.

    (for reference).

    If there's a workaround for that, I'd appreciate it.

  • @Mayochiki Usually there are files that have duplicates of their self and will be in different places. Therefore you need to find and replace ALL duplicate files of it, otherwise nothing changes. Mp clothing replacing is a pain in the ass so good luck.

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