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Some noob questions about car mods.

  • I'm pretty new to modding gta5. I know the basic of how to install car mods but haven't fully master it so I got some questions.

    1. When some tuning part mods are not showing up, it's beacuse of mid kit id, but where should I go change it?
      2.Some car mods stop showing up in my trainer when I install some new ones, what should I do?
    2. When I install Vans123's mercedes-benz 300sl and/or centenario, the trainer show me three stinger gt with invalid model and the actual car is not showing up.

  • @3821
    For the Modkit ID problems, see my post here :thumbsup:
    Not sure about the Trainer issue, I just spawn vehicles by name & then save them as I'm always using VStancer on them so never spawn the default vehicle again.
    Find their spawn name in the respective download's instructions & try using the 'spawn by name' feature of whatever Trainer you are using & see if they spawn that way :thumbsup:

  • 1048 works for me when I change the ID

  • Can rule out 1048 works for some models but not all 😔

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