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Storyline NPCs Godmode

  • Hey there everyone! Been playing with the Pickups mod by InfamousSabre. Mod is great, but I have one problem with DamageEngine... In any mission with companions like Lamar or Ron, they rush to the gunfight like the developers meant it, so it's impossible to beat that missions 'cus they are getting killed. Only thing that is there for me is skipping the part, but I don't want that.

    My question is -- have anyone seen the script that makes not only character u play, but also his friends, invincible? I used it once, but I lost the name and the file itself. So, if any of u got this, please share. I thank u in advance!

  • @truthfinder The mod can be used without the Damage Engine. I stopped using it when I had peds dying from lightly being tapped by car doors.

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