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Essential mods for GTA V on PC?

  • Hello everyone,, I was a dedicated GTAV player on Xbox as most of my friends game there. Now that I want to do another story run I've decided to get the game on PC to make use of my gaming rig.

    Which mods are the most essential for the best experience. The one I'm most interested in are the physics and visual mods.

    Cheers everyone



    For visual mods:

    • VisualV: If you want some realism but not excessively. This is perfect for people who wants a lore-friendly game with improved graphics.
    • NVR: If you want your game graphics to feel like real life (as much as possible), then this should be your choice.
    • Others: I don't recommend other mods about graphics, but there are some that depending on your graphics taste maybe you'd like to try. Just search in youtube "GTA V graphics" and you'll see a bunch of videos.

    For physics:

    • Realistic Driving V: If you want realistic vehicles handling, you should definitely install this one. There are others too available on the site, but this one seems to be "the king" for now.
    • Bass Dragon's Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul: If you want the most realistic peds physics, try this one because also is the most up-to-date available mod about peds physics. There are other Euphoria/Ragdoll mods, but some are outdated and I don't know about the rest.

    Other kind of mods you may be interested:

    • GTA V: Revamped: A mod that adds props to enhance the atmosphere and environment around GTA V while also making it more modern. You should give this a try if you feel that your game looks a bit "empty" in some places. Take a look at the pictures (look in description of the mod) to see what it adds/changes in the game map.
    • Realistic Guns Sounds: If you're interested on having the most real weapons sounds available in your game, try this one.
    • Realistic Jet Engines: This is not an essential mod, unless you like realism and want to have some fun throwing away vehicles when you're in a plane.
    • GTAVLauncherBypass: If you want to be able to play the game even after Rockstar Games updates it and you wait for an ScriptHookV update, then this is a must have.

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