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All AI are ignoring me

  • Heya. Today i was playing GTAV when i noticed that all AI are ignoring me, including police. Before you say that it's my trainers, i checked all three of my trainers (Simple Trainer, Menyoo, Native Trainer) and none of them have "AI Ignore Player" enabled. whenever i kill or shoot a ped, everyone continues like nothing happened. when i get police, the only attempts to kill me are through helicopters, all cruisers are stuck in place. when i walk up to cruisers, they do nothing. if i pull out a police officer, theyll shoot me and their partner will run away. also, i can make Peds angry so a red blip pops up on the map but they just look at me and spout insults but never do anything. Dogs will do the same thing.
    Again, here's a list of the trainers i have installed:
    Simple Trainer/TrainerV:
    Native Trainer/Script Hook V

    Thank you for your time : ) ~Frick

  • @Frick_ed
    You could have a corrupted archive or erroneous AI settings somewhere but I'd say you still need to rule out Trainers just in case their settings are lying to you. :thumbsup:

    Test Remove Trainers:
    Remove 'Menyoo.asi', 'TrainerV.asi' & 'NativeTrainer.asi' from your Grand Theft Auto V root folder & then load up the game to see if you're still having the same problems? Your settings will be fine as long as you don't delete the 'menyooStuff' folder & 'trainerv.ini' (not sure where 'NativeTrainer.asi' settings are saved?).

    Test Remove 'update.rpf' & 'common.rpf' in 'mods' folder
    After eliminating all of the trainers above I would probably backup your 'mods' folder 'update.rpf' & 'common.rpf' & then replace them with the vanilla ones from the game folder. Load up the game & see if any change?

    Test whether it happens in the vanilla game and/or without any scripts installed:
    Depending on the results, perhaps try removing 'dinput8.dll' from the 'Grand Theft Auto V' root folder (try removing 'ScriptHookV.dll' & 'ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll' also) & see what you get?
    Yeah, it's shooting in the dark, but we ain't got much to go on & as long as you backup everything you test remove etc, you can't do any harm. Just remember to put it back the way you had it after you eliminate it/them.

    If you can find anything that changes the outcome in-game, even if it makes it worse/different, it could be a clue :thumbsup:

    Let me know how you get on either way. Best of luck :thumbsup:

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